We are worth day

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We are worth day

Todays letting go reading Ann posted reminded me on how important it is to remember we are worthy.

What do you do to remember you are worthy?

I use affirmations, stand in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful, its backfired a bit, cause im believing it to much and now instead of low self esteem and slugged shoulders I stand tall believing I am beautiful. but hey its a careful balance we all have to reach, and being proud and a little conceted feels better than hiding and wanting to disappear
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Great way to begin our day because we ARE worthy.

An affirmation I use often is "I am a blessed child of God, worthy of love and respect" because it reminds me that God didn't make a mistake when he made me and that I can begin with self-love and self-respect.

I too look in the mirror and although the person I see is a little older than the person I used to see, I LIKE this person and she feels more beautiful inside than she ever imagined was possible.

Today I will do something fun, because I AM worthy of fun.

Today I will do something special for myself, however small, because I AM special and worthy of my own time.

And today I will be grateful that I am worthy of all those wonderful people who walk beside me here every day.

Woooo Hoooo, this worthy codie is feeling much better already.
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I am strong.

I am healthy

I am beautiful

I am smart

I am kind

I am unique

I am beautiful

I am honest

I am kind

I am happy

I am loving

I am generous

I am tenacious

I am loyal

I am a good friend

I am fun

Any idea how hard it was just to write those out - without qualifiers? Wow. Affirmations are tough... but I feel better, even now.

We did one when cooling down from aerobics years ago -

Sit on the floor
Close your eyes
Wrap your left arm across your chest
Wrap your right arm across your chest over the top of the other arm
Imagine a picture of yourself as small child - a memory, a photograph... get her clear in your mind.

Now squeeze your arms tighter and give that little girl a hug.
In your mind, tell her that you love her.
Tell her that she is precious.
That she is wonderful.
That she is worthy of love.

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