perhaps it was the HP

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perhaps it was the HP

okay, so I am slogging through my move with my ancient parents and my 14 year old and my sore back...and you know, going fine, we are ahead of schedule and all.

had a few brief talks with abf, and really, I am okay with his not being around, I looked in my closet and at my stuff and started putting it here and there and thought to myself, "this is nice, my own space."

but, listen to this -- if abf had been here to help he would have slept here last night, but luckily he wasn't. He calls at around 12:15 to say his mom has just gone to the hospital. he had been up talkign to her and she suddenly was altered, blurred vision, couldn't walk, etc. I think it sounds liek a stoke. Then he says "I guess things work the way the do for a reason" If he hadn't been there she would have been sitting in front of the tv on her own, her husband in bed asleep and she would have been unable to do anything to help herself.

I figure the HP knew what it was up to when it stuck my abf in a funk and kept him at home, helped his mom and sure as heck is helping me to detach and appreciate that I can do things without him.
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I don't believe in coincidence. He was there for a reason. Hugs, Marle
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I agree with you. When we look back on a lot of things the way they happen, it is all part of a plan. God pays attention to every detail of our everyday lives. Sometimes we are just too busy or caught up in our own world to recognize it. You became comfortable and he was where he needed to be at the time. Sounds like a plan to me.
Enjoy your new space. Let it be all about you.
Bless you in your new home.................................Lo
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Funny how things come about, isn't it?
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