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Having been involved in a few minor-one major legal issues--My lawyer told me it was to my sons benifit that I be present in the courtroom--from what I have seen the judges around here usually asks if any family is present and sometimes will ask what they think etc...
I am so happy your son is doing so well-maybe after all this legal stuff the nightmare will be over and he can start a new life-which it sounds like he is on the path to right now.It can happen.
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my husband has been attending courtdates with my daughter. as a support person for her. i can't go, i just get too sad and don't offer much but tears

i'll be praying for your son. just a fair resolve, and credit where it's due - that's all we ever expect from the judge.

blessings, k
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i do not think they will try him without a lawyer unless he has already been in court & he turned it down.i am glad he is doing well today & i wish him luck. prayers for u both.
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Hi Barb...
Lots of wise words before me...I don't know what the outcome will be, but I can tell you that the law clearly allows a minimum fine of $500 and license suspension up to 6 months for the first violation. In addition there is a fine of $3,000 if the suspension is for not paying surcharges but that fine can be waived upon demonstration that the surcharges are now paid. The langauge on suspension says "upon conviction the court shall impose..." It depends on the judge but there is a good chance that no matter how far he has come, if convicted he will loose his license for some period of time. The legislators keep making this law stiffer and stiffer. And unfortunately our state has no provisional or hardship or bread and butter license...When it is gone it is gone, no matter what, regretably.

I'm not saying this to discourage you or your son; rather to encourage him to speak with the prosecutor and if there is no agreement to a lesser charge, to ask for the postponement to get an attorney. Usually municipal courts are pretty good about that when you are unrepresented and facing potential loss of license. Even a free consultation with an attorney would be helpful so he knows for sure what his options may be.

I too think if you want to go for support, that is great, but I'm not so sure how the judge would take the explanation that I didn't know my license was suspended because my mom paid my bills. Some judges might find that a reason to provide consequences...They don't know your son and his achievements since finding sobriety.

Lots of hugs and positive feelings and prayers. Let us know how it goes, okay?
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Well, since he not going until 1:00 PM and since I am a nervous wreck, I decided to just send a letter along with the one from his sponsor and the Oxford House guys. He can use it or not.
But since the outcome is looking so dismal, I really don't think I can handle it. So I'll be planting shrubs all day and trying not to think about it. OR better yet, I will just assume it will all work out fine! A great positive thinking experiment. :-)
Appreciate all of your prayers and will let you know what happens.
Many thx, Barb
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