Looking forward to summer

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Looking forward to summer

Okay, here is my latest resolution -- I will not talk to the abf about drinking, drugs, or money. I told him that yesterday, and you know what ... we had nothing to talk about. His life is all about those three things, nothing else. I sat there and made small talk, yapped about my work, and went around in circles about anything else I could think of. Honestly, if I take that out of the equation, he has no other subjects to discuss with me, his life is so wrapped up in those three things that he does nothing else.

Which leads me to my summer plans -- to clear out a certain amount of my stuff, and to do something to give myself a more satisfying social life (thinking about yoga).

So I am picturing myself sitting here on my own (in the summer my kids go stay with their dad or are at the summer house with my parents) and you know what??? For the first time I was not all broken hearted and depressed at the thought of being without the abf. I imagined myself going to work, going to yoga, watching movies, etc. and yeah I might end up on my own, but for the first time I was like "so what?"

It is incredibly boring to hang out with a drunk drug addict anyway. And you guys know what I mean...BORING!!! their lives are so tied up in that junk that they can't even carry on a conversation about the weather (since they spend all night in a crack house and all day in a darkened room getting over it).

What are your summer plans???
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Gosh - you are getting better already - Yoga sounds good! And hanging out with yourself (your own BEST friend- right?) I have a friend visiting for the 4 weeks and we like to walk the beaches picking up shells, read sitting of a rock somewhere all the things my H doesn't do because of leg problems and SPORTS on TV - I love taking lunch somewhere new and just hanging out like at free music in the park. Enjoy your summer and don't forget to smell the flowers!
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you do sound good and you sound like you have a plan. its was true for me when i was active, all i could think about was drugs, drugs, drugs. a very boring life to live. i think that it good that you are planning on how to be happy alone if you have to. keeping you and yours in my prayers
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Thanks for the post. It was when I started doing things I like to do that I was better equipped to let go of the addict because I began to have a life of my own. We divorced, and I have been able to do more now than ever before. I will be traveling to my moms more often, and going on lots of day trips! I love the summer!
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