little j.went to court today

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little j.went to court today

i went & picked his father up this morning & met little j.& his social service worker at the court house. his case was transferred to the other county where he has a charge. his court day there is sometimes in may. tomorrow or friday they will move him to a level4 locked down faculity. his social worker told him this i do not know why she did.i just hope he don't run again.i explained to him that if he does not do the right thing he will be sent to juvinile & he could not work his way down.if the judge said till he is 18 then he will be 18. i am praying he will be much as i love the kid it is his & he has got to take the consequences.continue to keep him & my a.s. in your prayers. i love you guys.thank you for the prayers & thank you for caring.
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grateful rca
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still praying for all of you hope, i'm so sorry that lil j is having such a hard time tring to get his life in order.
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Some just take a harder path in life. It is his path and you are a great, caring mother and grandmother to let both J's find their own way while still letting them know that you love them. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Hugs, Marle
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I'm no angel!
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Trust the HP's path, there is a reason for every glich in the road.

My prayers are continuing.
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I too pray that this will be a turning point for him. Prayers for him and hugs for you, Hope, you're a real trouper.

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thank you all, i could not go through this without you. i have nobody to talk family cares but i can not talk to anybody about j's made me feel so beneth everybody else even tho i do know none of this is my fault. hugs,
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(((Hope))) One thing I try to remember when I look back at all the months I was in pain and worrying about my addicted children... I was in as much pain the day before they got sober as I was the year before they got sober. I never KNEW when it was coming... there were no 'signs'.

None of us knows, so we can always have hope that it is just around the corner. My hope is that little J gets his head outta his back pockets and starts to hear the lessons life is giving him.... soon!

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ditto,big sis....thank you.
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Hope,my prayers continue for your whole family...I know you know that you are not responsible for any of this and I am so sorry that all that has happened makes you feel this way. You are such a wonderful mom, grandmotther and person and my heart hurts that you feel bad. You deserve all the best in life. Thank you so much for always being here for us and sharing your recovery. Hugs and lots of prayers.
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((((hope213))))) ((((((little j))))))))))
I'm praying too.
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((((Hope))))) ((((littlej))))) I'll pray for both of you.
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Hi Hope. I wanted to come in and tell you that I continue to pray for you and your J's. Many hugs to you.
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