6 weeks of sober living for my son!

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6 weeks of sober living for my son!

I can hardly believe it, but my son has been in rehab for 6 weeks. i am seeing definite signs of progress....talking about his feelings, his recovery, and his old using friends. He seems to be buying in to it this time. I am glad that he has another 6 weeks to go. I think it will help him get stronger and more sure-footed in his sober living. I know he has a ways to go and coming home will be scary for both of us, but I know that for today, he is doing well.
Thanks for all of your support. I am stronger because of you!
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turning red!
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Good to hear your son is doing well, hope he continues his recovery.
You are right to be happy: everyday clean is a victory
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Just wanted to drop in and tell you that I am sooo happy for both of you (and your family&friends).

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm glad you are seeing it. I truly believe the longer the better, especially when so young. I saw the difference between a 30 day program and 90 very clearly. At 30 days, one is just starting to find a bit of normal. Thanks for the update...Now, what are you doing for you?? Hugs
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Thanks greet and all,
I am getting used to being by myself....trying to get more comfortable with it and maybe even enjoy it. Taking time to read, watch movies, grow in me.
Thanks for reminding me.
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Congrats on your son's recovery time. I am glad you are taking care of yourself also. Enjoy this "down time" while he at rehab. You deserve a break!
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Good stuff. Remember that you are diseased to, get help. Also, he is going to walk out of there soon, 90 meetings in 90 days, get a sponsor and work the steps with a sponsor. Good luck
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glad to hear things are going well for you both............
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Good News!

krhea, so happy to hear that and thanks for sharing. My AS is approaching 60 days tomorrow. I know, one day at a time. But today, I am thankful!
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So happy for you--enjoy--my AS has been sober 6 months--and holding--thank god you fot your son help--you are a good mother and a strong lady......
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miracles happen everyday.i hope you get yours.hugs,
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good news. i agree with Hope-miracles do happen everyday.

my daug has been clean for 14 months (drug wise), unfortunately it is taking a bit longer to get sober time to match. but i have hope and all of you guys

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im happy for you and your son and your family!!
thats good news and take it day by day and do good stuff for yourself..small stuff that make you happy,, !!! sending prayers for your family
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remember to breathe
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I love a good day
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grateful rca
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congratulations to you and your son, keeping you both in my prayers. don't forget to keep the focus on you, though
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Right there with you, KR, I think that's about the same time my son has clean. (I'm sure he knows the exact amount of days, hours and mins. :-) It is so wonderful waking up everyday now, isn't it?
The best part is watching your son slowly come back to the son you knew.
I am soooo happy for you!
Love, Barb
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let it grow!
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that is really great, kr. i'm so happy for you and your son. he sure deserves all this, and you as well. blessings, k
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I am so happy to read that your son is moving forward in his recovery....

My son is now 10 months clean....this time one year ago was the darkest of days for us....

I was very close to losing all hope and then a miracle happened...

I do not know what the future holds (I have 2 non addicted sons and I don't know what their future holds either!!) but for now my son is clean, safe and getting stronger day by day....

never stop hoping...

don't give up before the miracle
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Get Caught Reading
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keep up the good work on you too.
it'll only get better for ya.
i'm so glad that he's taking recovery more serious.
it must be so relieving for you.
sending lots of prayers to you both.
happy! happy! happy!

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