My heart aches for this child witnessing all the chaos

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My heart aches for this child witnessing all the chaos

As I'm processing my thoughts, I had been thinking about this poor child having to watch the chaos as her alcoholic mother getting back together with her ex-fiancee. His drug use went spiraling out of control while in their relationship. Now that he has professs to her in staying clean, they are going to try working it out again. He has only stayed clean as long as he did because of prison.

The child as a toddler thought of him as "daddy" and called him that. She was very attached to him. He's not the bio dad. When their relationship fell through, eventually the truth was told to her by her family. Fast foward 5yrs. later, he comes back wanting to work things out with her. As much I want to be positive, I still think, What If.... The kid gonna have to deal with him leaving all over again.

In between that time of the break-up and reconciling, her alcoholic mother had been in a couple relationships including one failed marriage. She has no regard on how it may affect her child by bringing these men home only to have them leave.

And nope, I won't say a word. It will only backfire. All I can do is pray for them
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