She's definitely drinking again .....

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She's definitely drinking again .....

Hi folks

It's been a while since my last update, but things have been fairly quiet in that we haven't heard anything about SD's mother, and SD herself has only had the odd text from her mother, usually something like 'I hope you're enjoying the sunny weather', which SD never replies to. And, actually, we're really pleased she hasn't replied, or communicated in any way, shape or form, with her mother since she came out of rehab on January 1st. Because, if she had been communicating with her, and we'd found out what we found out yesterday, SD would probably be cutting herself again and would be in a really bad place.

So, what did we hear? Well, it's pretty obvious really. My husband bumped into SD's half brother's dad, who told my husband that SD's mother had started drinking again back in May. Then in June her 'friend' was cross with her husband because he stayed out all night, so she and SD's mum got drunk on Sambuka and Vodka. Great. She also had a public fight in July with her neighbour, in their town. Nice. Such a lovely woman. Anyway, the upshot is that apparently she's going around telling people she's not an alcoholic any more, but is now 'drinking like a normal person'. Yeah right, whatever, you kid yourself love!!

So all that taxpayers money spent on putting her through rehab was a total waste of time. Not that we expected otherwise. SD is very very reticent about it all, and took the news well, saying she was glad she hadn't given her mother so much as the time of day, and that she really and truly didn't care about her at all. In fact, her words were 'I hope her liver gives up and she dies'. Not the nicest thing to say about your own mother, but then she's not a very nice mother .....
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