How can I help someone else?

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How can I help someone else?

I am very worried about someone who is very close to me. This person is at a point that I worry about them taking their own life. Can a person be put into treatment against their will and if so who has the legal right to do this.
They are drinking all the time and to top it off taking over the counter drugs such as sinus meds , sleeping aids , nitetime meds . I am so worried and don't know where to begin with this.
I am not sure if I am at the right place to ask these questions am I am very sorry if I shouldn't be here. Lost here and don't know where to turn. any and all help will be very appreciated.
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Dear Ellapearl-

Yes a person can be forced into rehab but, it won't necessarly help them if they don't want it. It could help them find even more resentment. Have you tried talking to them about this? If the person lives with you you can have them committed in my state but, I am not sure what the laws are in yours. Also you might want to try an Intervention first with a professional trained in this sort of problem guides a confrontation along with family members and others who are close to the person in question.
But, it sounds like you need support and help as well. Please check out Alanon in the white business section of the phone book and get to a meeting. Keep coming here and posting we care and want to know how you are doing and, welcome to Sober Recovery!!!

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Also in yellow pages are Alcohol Counselors, with toll free tel#'s Maybe they would tel you quickly who to call about having someone commited in your state. So hope you find help, Keep coming back to this site. There will be more help.
HUGS Clancy46
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