Update on Sober Son

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Update on Sober Son

As we are celebrating today, I thought I would spend a minute and share our progress.

For those who don't remember my son is 21 - alcoholic - out of control. Well, we recently celebrated his 6 months of sobriety. It hasn't all been easy and he has gone through days of sadness, meanness, grumpiness, angriness (not a real word) and days of happiness, sweetness, joyfulness, thankfulness and just all around great. I say that to say there have been major ups and downs. But he is working his program and has some wonderful AA men who have taken him under their wings.

My recovery has gone great as well. I know longer fear that if I don't give in he will go out and drink. If he is going to drink he will do it nothing I do or don't do will change that. I sleep at night and enjoy my life. I go to Al-Anon and know that no matter what I will be okay. I no longer hide my purse or the keys. I no longer check the room to make sure he is there in the middle of the night. My choices are mine and his are his. I am working on the guilt of having an alcoholic son and if I could have done things differently. My son assured me that nothing I did or didn't do could have prevented his addiction.

My son moved back home because he felt he needed the support he has here. He knows that we won't tolerate any alcohol and we have searching privileges. Things are good. On this holiday instead of him sitting around with friends drinking he will be playing tennis with AA buddies. I will be with family and friends eating a hamburger.

Thanks to all of you here that encouraged me through those dark nights and a million tears. I read often but don't comment.
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Blue Skies Again, congrats on your Dom's 6 months and for doing so well for yourself! It sounds like you're being very thoughtful about this, and I wish you both the best!!!
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Thank you Sadielady. This really is a one day at a time.
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That is so awesome!!!!! I am so happy for Austin. I'm sure it will get easier and easier.
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Thank you so much for sharing.
So glad it's going well.
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A work in progress
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How cool! Congrats to you both!!

I have a happy story about my older son, too, which I'll post on another thread.

BTW, BlueSkies, my first husband got sober when HE was 21. Thirty-three years later, and he has never picked up a drink again. And he still has fun hanging out with his AA buddies. Your son has a beautiful life ahead of him.
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