Blacked out

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Blacked out

Neighbor just called. She saw dh blackout and fall face first from the porch chair onto the concrete.

I don't know what to do. I am so frustrated with all of this. Should I call 911 and have him hauled off to the hospital...AGAIN? Should I rush home and check on him AGAIN?

Yesterday morning, he blacked out same place, on the front porch. I dragged him into the house on his stomach. He didn't even remember it.
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I wouldn't rush home. And I wouldn't even go to the hospital.

Just my two pennies' worth
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well, what does the neighbor who witnessed this think? why didn't THEY call 911 instead of calling you? regardless of what caused it, passing out and falling face first on the concrete is worthy of medical attention.
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SadSlinky ((((hugs))))

I'm won't give advice on whether or not to call 911 but as for dragging him in, the next time I would let him sleep it off on the porch. He choose to drink, he can deal with the consequences.

Your friend,
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I'd call 911. I'd do as much for a stranger passed out drunk on his face in the street (in fact, I have done just that).

Apart from that, I don't know that I would be up for bedside visits.
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A longtime friend of mine is married to an alcoholic. He worked nights, she worked days.

For 17 years, he drank at home while she was at work and for 17 years she had to rush home on her lunch hour and drag that man off the lawn where he'd passed out, or off the kitchen floor where he'd passed out, or to close the front door he'd left wide open before he passed out, or to deal with a concerned neighbor who just saw the husband pass out.

The incredible stress of all this made my friend a basket case. And it sure did not stop her husband's drinking.

Nothing stopped his drinking until he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, common to alcoholics. He survived that and today he is retired and he has a relationship with Xanax instead. They are still married and she still has him on a kind of leash.

Your situation, unfortunately, places you in a position of babysitter to your husband. And I think he will continue to drink and this falling on his face will continue to happen. I personally would stop rescuing him. If the neighbor called, I would simply dial 911 and tell them where the drunk is.
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Perhaps, the neighbor has co-dependency issues also? I find it odd that she called you and not 911 immediately.
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The desire for me to post that if the neighbor says he is still breathing to leave him there is very very strong...right or wrong...omgosh I would love to see a week's sequence of this on youtube...I'm thinking with my evil side again
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Dear SadSlinky, I would call 911--based on humanitarian principles.

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I just feel an immense amount of love and compassion for anyone who get's a phone call telling her that her AH just did a face-plant on the concrete...and who then has enough detachment to log on to SR and ask advice. That's awesome!
Baby steps.
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