At the risk of being really judgemental

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At the risk of being really judgemental

... my RABF's alcoholic father is such a selfish jerk!

He was too drunk to attend his 20-year-old granddaughter's (who he raised as his daughter) birthday dinner tonight. Oh, he ate some of the dinner in his stupor -- but he did it in another room by himself watching his tv shows -- and then went to bed. He wasn't part of the conversation, cake, gifts, anything. (Actually, he did everyone a favor. He's the loud, know-it-all, obnoxious kind of drunk.)

This young woman is so delightful, accepting and loving -- she shows no disappointment, but I have to imagine it stings. Or perhaps she's just all too used to it. I know it bothers my RABF -- who cooked dinner and stood in as the man of the family.

Anyway the whole thing just hurt my heart.

Thanks for listening!
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What a shame That's sad for everyone involved.
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Alcoholism is truly a family disease...I'm sorry for the young woman, but it sounds like she was able to make the most of her day.
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When I read stories like this one, I feel a profound sadness for alcoholics (or any person who struggles with diseases/disorders/ mental health problems). So much life missed, ya know? And the thing is, I know they love these people that they repeatedly disappoint. That's the saddest thing of all.
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I am just struck by the legacy of this disease and how it can impact all of us...
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