OT -The Secret

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OT -The Secret

Has anyone read the book The Secret? If you have, what is your take on it?
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I love it!
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I just started to read it and it is helping so much with my new path of taking care of me! Have you tried any of the suggestions they give?
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Read about it and while on one level, it seems to be common sense, on another, the way people interpret is is terribly disturbing to me.

The idea that "you reap what you sow" and "you get back what you put out into the universe" makes sense on one level. But I don't believe the metaphysical part of it. I think it's this simple: If you color your hair cherry red, you see a lot of other people with unnatural hair colors out there. If you buy a new Chevy truck, you see a lot of other people driving the same model truck. And if you think thoughts of gratitude and appreciation and positivity, you see new things to be grateful and appreciative and positive about.

A friend of mine who read the book turned it upside down, though: She told me that people who had cancer had cancer because they had put out so much negativity in the world. It was the natural consequence of their behavior, and therefore, nobody should feel bad for them. When bad things happen to people, it's their own damn fault, basically.

That not only put me off the book -- it also broke up a long friendship.
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I'm no angel!
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I read it, found it to be thought provoking on some levels. I also saw the DVD, wasn't too
crazy about it, one guy was sitting there in the nude...he was old and everything was droopy, couldn't grasp the reason for him being in the presentation...strange.
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never read it...but heard too much about it...negative and positive...

i guess this is a book like anyone here in receiving any ADVICE...."take what you want and leave the rest"
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Ok DollyDo I will skip the DVD! Now if it was Brad Pitt in the nude, a must watch. What u described.... YUCK!!

I don't buy that people with cancer bring it on themselves either. I do believe that negative people attract negative people and upbeat positive people bring positive into their lives. I can not stand be around someone that is always negative. Their energy sucks the life right out of me!

Since I have been slowing breaking free from the negativity of living with active alcoholism, I can see how my attitude has changed and I am not as negative as before. I would get negative because my A was always doom and gloom and that would rub off on me. Now I choose to keep my upbeat attitude regardless of who is around me.

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I have that book.
It was pretty motivational to me.
I HAVE since then gotten one of the front three spaces EVERYTIME i go to walmart...since I read it and started implementing what it suggests.

Of course I pray a lot too...

but I don't know if God really cares that I'm too lazy to walk an extra 25 yrds.
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"The Secret" has been around for a while now. From my perspective, that book was very simplistic, but it was a good opening exercise for the masses to comprehend the metaphysical elements expressed in the book and DVD (I found the DVD ridiculous in its simplistic treatise).

I have wondered why, on these forums, there is not more discussion of solutions - most of the threads are problem focused (and I have contributed strongly to that perspective, but at the same time would love if people posted how they are coping in positive ways).
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I have not read it.

But I understand that it is a lot like a much older book called "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Normal Vincent Peale from those who have read both.
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I started to read The Secret but stopped when I realized I had read at least 5 books just like it....LOL...The Secret held no "secrets" for me.

James Allen wrote the classic text "As A Man Thinketh" way back in 1902. It's short and can be read in its entirety here if you are curious.

In addition, the entire New Thought philosophy embodies these ideas, as well as a few organized churches.

When reading the Big Book, I recognized that many of the concepts seemed to be inspired by New Thought principles. Didn't take much digging to find out that indeed, Dr. Bob (co-writer of the Big Book) had many of these metaphysical books on his shelf and the influence is clear to those familiar with it.

My point is that if you are interested in reading more about "The Secret" there is a huge body of work out there dedicated to it...and a whole slew of churches. I think the largest of them is Unity.
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