Today there was another death to Vodka

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Today there was another death to Vodka

Tragic it is. Another human being dies at a early age from alcoholism.

A friend of mine, lost her good friend at a early age today

Her friend came home 2 weeks ago from a mental/alcohol rehab
She said I will give him 6 months and I bet he will be back to drinking
The positive person that I am, I laid down my $5 bill on 2 weeks.

I won the bet - He died today

So I sat there and tried to explain what alcoholism does to a person
How it eats them alive. How it eats their stomachs, liver, brains away
How you cant cure it, cant control it, cant cause it...

Crap, She got a hour alcoholism lecture from me

It actually made me sick inside. My stomach got in knots.
I cried and it made me feel very sad. Came home from work
and my head hasnt stopped thinking about this.

Dang, it makes me sick

Just thinking of the feelings that I had, for a complete stranger
Wondering what it will be like for me someday....

Pretty creppy thoughts, I had...

He did the normal, asked, begged, lied and pleaded for one last bottle
of Vodka the day he died

Acid Reflux & Vodka, really isnt a good mix...

I want to add one of those icons, cant pick, the steaming mad one
or the WHY one or the sad one....

- So Im gonna add the WELCOME one...Welcome to the World
of Alcoholism & The Lady with a messed up mind tonight!!
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Another tragic senseless loss of another life, lost too soon to the insanity of alcoholism. Let’s hope that there will soon be found more effective answers and treatments to this deadly addiction.

It was so kind and thoughtful that you took the time to try and explain the seemingly unexplainable, why someone chooses the path to self destruction from alcohol addiction instead of recovery - despite all efforts to change its course.

My deepest condolences to you and your friend’s heartbreaking loss.
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marie1960 (08-19-2011)
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My heart goes out to you and your friend for your loss.

You are right. It is tragic.
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I am so sorry, this disease is so ugly and destructive.
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Thanks for being there for your friend.
Hugs to you Bobby.
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Oh my. Such a tragic loss. Addiction is such a vicious, ugly, destructive, deadly disease. I am so sorry for you and your friend's loss. I'm just so sorry. My thoughts are with you.
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Thanks for sharing. I had goosebumps and a tear to in eye after reading that. It is just so horrible to know how destructive this disease is, and yet our loved ones are going down that path. Such an ugly disease.

I'm sorry that you and your friend have to go through this.
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(((BobbyJ))) - I'm sorry your friend is going through this, but grateful you are there for her. It's yet another sad reminder of what alcoholism/addiction can do to a person.

Hugs and prayers,

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I never met the man. He was a friend of my friend.

Kind of weird how many thoughts & feelings a complete stranger had on me.
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(((BobbyJ))) - I never met the man, either, but his death (and all others I read of) still affect me. It could have (SHOULD have, with the risks I took) been me, had I not found recovery.

Hugs and prayers,

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I had a friend who died trying to detox himself.....
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