Screaming inside

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Screaming inside

I am so mad I could scream. My XABF has two boys (6 and 3) and I have raised them as my own for the last 3 years. We agreed when I left that every other week we would have dinner together at his house or my house. Last time we had dinner at his house two weeks ago. They were supposed to come to my house tonight. I bought their favorite foods, toys for them, and he just sent me a text canceling and that we could do it next week. No explanation just that it wouldn't work tonight. I should of known he couldn't face coming to my house. I know it would probably be best if I had no contact but for the boys sake I can't walk out of their lives.
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HUGS to you honey - I'm sure that hurts a lot ~ it is so painful with those precious little ones! I'm sure they miss you a lot too!

Maybe you can keep their toys for the next time - hopefully their will be -

Just keep taking good care of YOU ~ remember it's not about you - it's his unhealthiness & his disease!!

PINK HUGS to you!
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I'm sorry Honey. I know that hurts a lot. Can you call the boys?
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I stayed because of my step-daughter..

...and in your case you are staying connected because of "sort of step" sons. That said, you can't expect he'll follow such an agreement, especially when he finds his new enabler (and he will). She'll want to be their mommy too.

For me it was a big mistake. She was not my daughter-- she was the wife's, and I only wanted to be important and save the little baby girl I fell in love with (appropriately). I stayed around for all the wrong reasons and tried to control the decisions around my daughter.

I'm doing it for the right reasons now (12 years later), and now she is my daughter and I love her as such, but it took a long time to get to doing it for the right reasons. Years. A lot of damage was done in the meantime.

Good luck. Heart-breaking situation. I know you love those boys.

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