Sometimes are kids know best!

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Sometimes are kids know best!

I was talking to my oldest son, who is 15, about what was going on between his stepdad and I. I asked him point blank if he understood, and what he thought. He said that he definately thinks that if stepdad isn't going to get help for his anger and drinking that him not living here is best. He said he thought for the 2 youngest siblings this was especially important to protect them! My son who is 15 is much wiser than his years (for many reasons), and sometimes so much wiser than his mother!!! Perhaps it is co-dependency or just that I know he has lived this situation - which makes me feel like my kids have seen, and they do understand that what is happening is right. Anyway, my children are absolutely amazing, I am so proud of them, and their honesty and ability to see things as they are!
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WOW....yes I am a teacher...ugh...that should be OUR not ARE!!!
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Sounds like you got great kids !

Yep, we can learn a lot from our kids thats for sure. Listen more and talk less is what I got to understand better.

The other day my son told me to shut up and quit talking so much about her drinking. He was right !

Have A Good 1,
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