Light humour from an A

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Light humour from an A

Wow guys you'll LOVE this.

My mental stalker ex who did nothing but isolate drinking and smoking weed alone just contacted me after 2 years NC. To make amends now that he is working the NA program.

I was SO enthused by this as you see friends I myself am 7 months clean and sober and am started making my amends list this very day.

I was so impressed, he himself said that the world was so different now he was "sober".

He then went on to tell me after our breakup that he got a real cocaine problem and quit the white stuff 10 months ago. He still smokes weed. ALL THE TIME. Oh, and still drinks, he was always a ****** drunk. JOY.

Way to work your program dude

I told him I would be happy to accept his apology when he starts working his program and reaches step 9 for real.

It makes such a total joke out of the struggle that people in real recovery go through.

Anyway thought that familiar denial would make some folks laugh (and want to scream!).
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Congrats on your recovery!

Keep on keepin on!
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