How is everyone's Christmas Day?

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How is everyone's Christmas Day?

Mine is going well and being alone has been pretty fun. I made some banana ricotta pancakes this morning that I found in a recipe book that were incredible. I'll have to post the recipe for that. I'm mad at myself for not buying more ricotta cheese for tomorrow morning, lol. Am getting ready to start on the turkey to have for dinner and then relax and watch some videos.

How is everyone else?
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Hi, just stopped by quickly... I came down with a cold yesterday - haven't had one in 17 years... oh well, spent the morning quietly also and my kids arrived about an hour ago (they are grabbing a snooze until dinner). I am trying to cook dinner which is usually fine but just realized I turned the oven off halfway through so it will be later than scheduled. So that is my day.

good to hear that you are enjoying it eventhough alone. I have spent the whole past year alone for most and it is sometimes easy and sometimes not. Hoping the evening remains just as good for you.

Merry Christmas.
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that really sounds yummy! I have laid out some steaks and also wish I had stocked in more groceries.

I have phoned family and it is snowing~not enough, I hope for more!
I am pampering myself a bit and will continue to do so.
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I went to my daughters this morning, to exchange gifts. My sister was supposed to come to my house for dinner. she was alone, h works today, but she came down with a tummy thing, and could not make it. my kids are all going to their inlaws for dinner. so son and i are here, nibbling on the best ham i ever made- figures doesnt it?
i put a glaze on it, of mustard and brown sugar and this year i added butter to the glaze. it was delicious and tender- not rubbery.
am seriously thinking of taking a nap. and i am so glad i dont work tomorrow
Merry Christmas friends. hugs,
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Just checking in.

I just finished a movie and popcorn.

Next is dinner and another movie.

The menu's sound yummy. Good day all!
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What movies you watching Pelican?
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Rising from the Ashes
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Just hanging around........*******
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I watched "My Life in Ruins" earlier. Romantic comedy.

Thinking of looking for a good drama or thriller next. (Instant watch from my computer)
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My teen daughter and I have not gotten out of our PJ's today! We are sooooo lazy!! We had plans to go see two movies today (Black Swan and True Grit) but since it's so cold out we just decided to stay indoors. It's really been a great day. We opened presents with my son and his girlfriend last night after a dinner of filet mignon, asparagus, potatoes, mushrooms and italian cream cake
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It's Boxing Day here today. Hope everyone's Christmas Day is going/went well. My Christmas Day was busy but good. A beautiful, sunny, warm day. My kids were great. The ex showed up for our daughter and behaved himself. Today, I'm cleaning the aftermath!
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Had the best Christmas in years. Went to an Al-Anon meeting, then an out of this world Italian buffet, with my adopted sister and mom. Ate myself stupid, then topped it off with a glass of orange juice, which was a tip from my living healthy web sight, worked like a charm, to offset that overstuffed feeling.

Both of my adopted family members are separated/divorcing, so it was just the three of us, which is what prompted the eating out. We all decided that THIS was to be our new family tradition, no mater how many we add to the fold in coming years. We all agreed we should have thought of this years ago. No prep, no house cleaning, no cooking, no muss, no fuss, no cleanup, it was stupendous.

Then we came home and went to see "Tron", not my cup of tea, but hey, who cares, at least it was 3-d.

Saw, True Grit yesterday, it was good.

Got my call from LMC this morning at 10am, after the present opening frenzy, and she sounded very excited. So good for her, and good for the clan.

I know even though there is no recovery down there, they all love her, and she loves them. And for today, that is good enough for me. Acceptance.

My companions and I all agreed, even though it was very different than last year, it was one of the best Christmases ever. No drunks/drinking, and only recovery people.

Hope all of my SR "family" had a great day as well.

Thanks and God bless us all,
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We've had the typical present giving and opening. The boys were so sweet. Thanks given and more excitement about what they gave than what they got. There were a couple duplicates and instead of getting an attitude they spontaneously swapped.

My dad and his wife drove in for the afternoon and evening.

After a lovely turkey dinner with all the extras, we sat down as a large family to watch Legends of the Guardians of Gahoole. Which is a lovely movie. Now the boys get to build legos while the grown-ups rest from clean-up and watch Inception.

One small flaw in the day, but that's another thread. It's been lovely, restful and full of love.

Merry Christmas, all.
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