cat people versus dog people

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cat people versus dog people

Since it's the weekend, and weekends are kinda slow here on SR, I think it would be interesting to take a survey on cat people versus dog people.

First let me start out by saying this is not going to based on scientific research, or statistics gathered by some census. The survey and it's opinions is strictly based on my impression of people with dogs and cats over the past fifty-eight years of my life. That's a lot of people. So, let's look at what type of personality differences these animal lovers seem to have, well at least according to me.

As I grew older I began to realize that people could be divided into two basic categories: cat people and dog people. People usually divide themselves clearly into two camps. No, not men and people versus dog people. Oh, sure, it can be argued that there are also bird people, fish people, reptile people and even a very small number of ferret people, but I am referring only to people of rational minds. I am, therefore, not talking about the lunatic fringe of fanatics who put clothes on their pets and claim the animal doesn't know it's a dog/cat/bird/iguana/ferret. I am not saying that people are defined by the kind of pet they own-cat people sometimes own dogs and dog people sometimes own cats. The point I am making is that most people exhibit basic cat or dog personality traits. Cat people are shy, aloof, retiring, intelligent, and they'd much rather sit home alone with a book than go out to a party. Cat people are fastidious, up tight, reclusive, cold, and prone to delusions of grandeur. Dog people are loyal, emotional, devoted, warm-hearted and down-to-earth. Cat people frequent espresso bars, opera houses and eat sushi; dog people go to parks, rock concerts and always cook their fish. Dog people on the other hand, are gregarious, and more in your face. You definitely won't find them home alone. They like to be the center of attention.

After years of observing human and animal behavior, it finally became clear to me that I was a dog person. I haven't met too many people who truly love their dogs that I didn't like. They seem to be pretty outgoing, have a zest for life, and most definitely more physically active than their friends the cat lovers. They definitely seem to be a lot more mushy, and lovey dovey with their dogs than the typical cat owner. They love to play and get out doors and rough house with their precious little doggies. Yes, even the ones with the really big dogs. I can't tell you how many dog owners I know that sleep and cuddle with their dogs. They obviously are not perfectionistic, as their bed is usually as hairy as their dog. Yes, my bed too. They are as close to their dogs, as any human friend they may ever have. Yes, they do talk to them. I must say my favorite people are definitely dog people. Well, at least the ones who are as loyal about their dogs, as I am mine!

Cat people, the mysterious, distant, independent people of the world. Just as cats tend to be somewhat independent, as well as with an attitude of I'll let you know when I need and want you, so I find most cat people. It's not that there any better or worse than dog people, they are just different in their personalities, and how they relate to other people. I find cat people to be very private people, that sometimes are hard to figure out. Where as a dog lover is usually right out there, open wide for the world to see, with a cat lover you have to dig a little deeper. Although cat people also love their fine furry friends, the attachment seems to be a little more subtle. It seems to me like their cats are more of a comfort, and a sedative, rather than a play pal and best friend like their canine friends. For whatever reason cat people seem to remind me of the old type beatniks of the sixties. You know, just a little bit spooky and strange. Please don't think I'm beating up on cat lovers, as my son who I love dearly is a cat person, and well, he is very contemplative, and at times moody.

Cat people love seeing their animals happy. Cat people think cats, rule, or think they do. Granted, there is a full range of cat personalities. Cats can pretty much walk in and out of the owner's life at will, depending on their mood. Cats have an uncanny ability to know how to control their people and get what they want. Cats show affection when they want to. Cats seem to look right through you. Cats think they have a superior intelligence and sometimes we think they do.

It's the age old question - are you a cat person or a dog person? Research out of the University of Texas has found depending on how someone answers that question can say a lot about who we are. Psychology Professor Sam Gosling at the University of Texas discovered there is a difference between self-proclaimed dog and cat people. Gosling surveyed 4,000 people and found dog people are more extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious. He found out a cat person is more neurotic but open to new experiences.

But what if you consider yourself both a dog and cat person? Turns out you're more like a dog person but a little neurotic.

The findings do have a practical purpose. Gosling said "I think it does have applications down the road for things like animal assisted therapy and matching people to the right type of species and there's no reason why we can't go on to look at rabbit people and horse people at some point."

Well, there you have it, my life long opinion on dog and cat people. Please don't take any offense no matter which one you might be. I always judge people on who they are and not what they have. I just find it interesting!
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i love cats and i loved my dog so much it hurt. but i am way too busy to have one more thing dependent on me, therefore i can live without dogs for now. my cats bring me joy and they don't require high maintenance. personally, i am a bird person. but you can't have birds with cats, for very long that is......
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