Some good news

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Some good news

My daughter just called me to say she made it through an awards luncheon without a drink. She is dreadfully shy about speaking in public and usually she would have had to have a couple of drinks before something like this. The luncheon was in a wine cellar! Champagne first then a different wine with each course. She was so happy with herself although she kept saying" This is a baby step" She was able to talk about her work(painting) without the crutch of a drink. I am really working on detaching when she is down but I don't want to detach from moments like this.
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yay..she know that this is one step along the path.

I am happy for her. In the midst of an alcohol event!

Do remember that sustaining sobriety is the hard part.
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That is good news fullcircle!

I don't detach from the good stuff either - but I do try to keep it in a gratitude column - not let it blow up my expectations of the future y'know? Regardless of what happens in the future she had a good strong day, and that cannot be taken away! And you had a bit of good news to smile about and be grateful for today, and that also does not change.

Peace & continued courage and strength to you!!
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I have to remind myself too..detachment doesn't mean not feeling. Enjoying the small successes is one of life's great joys! it's like Bernadette said..enjoy the moment, but don't project into the future. Glad to hear the good news!
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Savour this moment and enjoy her success for this event. It is one step along a very rocky road, and something to recall if she trips up at some stage.
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Dear Fullcircle, That's GREAT news! Give your daughter a big "Well Done" hug! :ghug3

When we surrender to our higher power, the journey begins.
A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step!
Just for today I will try to live through this day only, and not tackle my whole life problems at once.

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A lot of people have invited me places lately that involve alcohol. Parties, reunions, lunches, etc. I do not go to places that serve alcohol and I do not associate with people who are drinking, or attend events that include drinking. It's amazing to me how insistent people can be, even when I tell them that I cannot be around people, places or things that involve alcohol.
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