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Okay gang, let's try this again.

- Kindly stay on the original topic as stated by the original poster.

- Share your personal experience only

- Respond only to the original poster. If you have an issue with some other person's post then notify one of the volunteers and we'll take care of it. If you are not responding to the original poster then it is called "cross-talk", or "hijacking".

- If you have personal experience with a medical issues, or wish to express your personal opinion about such things, feel free to say so. Getting in discussions about what is "fact" or "not fact" is not appropriate for this forum. Only folks with a medical license can state "facts" about medical issues. However, SoberRecovery is _not_ licensed for any such medical advice, so kindly refrain from posting it.

- Posts that claim to state "facts" about medical issues, and that lack the requisite "In my personal opinion...", or "I regard....", or any similar qualifier are _illegal_ in the state where SoberRecovery is incorporated. For that reason I have had to remove such posts.

- Us volunteers have a lot of work to do on SR, please make our life easier and quit with "fact arguing" and "hijacking".

- As this thread has gone far, far, off topic I am now closing it.

Moderator, SoberRecovery
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