This IS the right thing...

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This IS the right thing...

I know that being apart from AH is the right thing. He was supposed to pick up son at 9pm from football, the 2 babies were at my parents, 1 son at bball camp, and then my 2 sons 10/11 were home because there fball was canceled. Well he called me and said that the younger boys fball was canceled and he was at the bar (this was 6pm), and that he left the 2 boys at home and took older son to fball and was going to "hang out" at the bar until 9 so he didn't have to make 2 trips.Funny how my house is the SAME distance as the bar is from the field. Anyway, so at 9 o'clock, my son calls me...and knowing AH is at the bar I decide it is best if I go get him. Well about 9:05 I recieved the ever so common I love you text....blah, blah, blah, it's all my fault. By 9:30 the texts are gettting more aggressive, and my 9:55 he is now another one of my "victims". Never once asked if son got home from fball. It is amazing how his mind "works" or doesn't work!! Whenever I begin to have doubts about being seperated.....he is right there to remind me that there is a very good reason why!!!!
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Yup. It is good to journal about this stuff in pen and ink, down on paper, in one notebook, so that all the things they do that you forget a day or week later, are actually documented for you in one place. Having it all written down in one place serves as a GREAT reminder of what life with them is actually like. Because our lives are already busy and frazzled enough as it is that it is easy to forget from day to day and then let them back in when they come crawling back because you don't actually REMEMBER what they do. Plus, all the chaos they create in your life is confusing and you can't frickin' think straight. So anyway, I recommend journaling.
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I just wanted to tell you I'm proud of you! You seem to be doing so much better! Good for you!
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