His Latest attempt at GUILT...

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His Latest attempt at GUILT...

I'm gonna sleep in the car by the house the hotel is full.

He knows my buttons....I am feeling so guilty!!!
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There is nothing to feel guilty about. HIS actions and behavior put him in his car, not you.

If it is guilt or any other emotion you are feeling, you can feel it, but you don't have to ACT on it.

Get a good night sleep freeing and stay with your plan of action.
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Maybe you should bring him a pacifier and a rattle.


I'm sorry...I couldn't resist!! Wow, he really knows how to lay it on. I agree with Gerry too. Sleep well tonight. Despite my joke, he's an adult and knows how to take care of himself.
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Text back "Goodnight!"
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Aw, someone gets a COOKIE!!!

I wish I had someone to text who would feel as rotten as I do when I do something stupid and have to deal with it.

For example, I'm on an crazy tight budget and I made the mistake last month of putting the wrong bag in the freezer and ruined half my perishable items. UGH! I wonder how much better I would have felt if I had been able to text somebody every time I had half a meal or heard my tummy rumble for two weeks until I got paid again. Would it have made a difference if someone else felt like [email protected] because of my mistake? I doubt it.

As I've learned here, how can you learn if you don't receive the lesson? The lesson I learned was to mind what I do when sorting groceries if I don't want go hungry.

If he's lucky, he'll learn that alcoholism for him means sleeping in his car. Sleeping in car=yucky=alcholism=yuckier.

He's made his bed (or his car as it were), let him lie in it.

You're doing just fine

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I'm growing
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You don't have to read the go to bed

It was extrememly freeing when I realized I didn't HAVE to answer my AH's calls anymore.
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He had his hit at you, but it only affects and hurts you....if you let it.
Ignore the guilt feelings, he is in a car....not out in the snow, and I slept in a car for a month,.... angina, arthritis and all, and I SURVIVED....he will also.

Ignore it all, and let him hit away....just don't read or worry about the txts.

God bless
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The funny thing about cars is.....they are MOBILE.

They can go other hotels.
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Freeing-- he's probably JUST getting started with his quacking. I hope you are a quick learner! Guilt schmilt.
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Originally Posted by FreeingMyself View Post
I'm gonna sleep in the car by the house the hotel is full.
Text back:
How bout you sleep in the car by the hotel?


Is the hotel parking lot full too?
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I would have said....You are very lucky to have a car to sleep in.
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Hmm, isn't this partly why you put him out in the first place? to experience the consequences of HIS actions, and so you could stop enabling?

Well, sleeping in the car is a consequence.

Think of all the consequences of his drinking YOU'VE experienced. I'm sure you could make a nice long list that would fill up his phone for days to come of texts, if you were the type of person to try to manipulate someone thru guilt, like he is.
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As tempting as it is to spout off a snarky return text, the very best thing to do is to just not respond. Don't play the game anymore. You have decided you are done, so BE done.
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