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Well....this is more of a vent type post...very frustrated. Yesterday my AH came home and said he wanted to try. THen after DJing last night he did not show up at home.....surprise. Well, I'm sure he knew better than to come home drunk. So this morning, he needs his keys. I ask him where his are and he says a friend has them. And then he goes in to this LONG story about his friend has expired plates, and doesn't want to drive his car because it was late and he has "paraphanalia" in his car he doesn't want the cops to see if he gets pulled over. Well, IF the guy has expired plates, they would have expired in FEB of 09, almost a year that is the first stretch. Then, why would you give your keys to a drug dealer??? My AH is a youth minister and I have teenagers - really support that????? Anyway, so I ask him if he drank....and he said no, but I'm pretty sure that is the real story with the keys. By the end of the conversation he said he has 1 drink....ok yep I know how that then he starts telling me that at least he is not a cheater like me - which I have never cheated, that's just his fear. Then he goes in to how ashamed I should be of myself for when I dated and wasn't married. Always turning it on me REALLY??????? WOW......does he really believe I am that stupid??? Anyway, as I said this was just a vent and a confirmation of WHY BEING SERPERATED IS NECESSARY!!! I will not expose my children to this behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I totally know how you feel and where you are coming from.
I can't even begin to tell you how many times that same scenario has happened to me.
The fight begins because of his behaviour, then he somehow turns it around to me.

It's very frustrating!
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Mentally - why are you having these conversations with him? You know you aren't going to get anything resembling the truth, or anything real. So why bother?
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