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This is my first Christmas without my AH.

It feels strange! I get to do what I want - I'm visiting family and friends on Christmas day. No need to negotiate or compromise so we can get back quickly for the drinking to begin and I can get up and go when I want! Its a weird sense of freedom.

Yet... I will be alone on Christmas morning (together 18 years but no kids). Not sure how I'm going to feel. For those who have walked this path before me, how did you feel?

I want to say thanks to everyone here. I may not be the chattiest member of the forum but I do get a lot from reading the posts here every day. I think I may have lost my sanity without having you all here for support! So I hope that you all have a peaceful and safe Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you wish for...

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I'm not walking your path, but it sure sounds like it could be a cool adventure! How's about a slo-mo steamy cuppa peppermint tea in the morning, followed by a total day of self-indulgence at your own pace! Think of all the things you are free to do, to eat, to enjoy!

I did spend a large chunk of my life isolated from extended family, and on holidays when I was not able to travel to them (they rarely came to me), I made them into "orphan" holidays and invited any holiday orphans I knew over and had a big ol' potluck. Many of the "orphans" were international students, so we had the BEST international potlucks and so much fun... I miss those days.

Life and opportunities are what you make of them, so be creative, and enjoy!

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Thank you, Bookwyrm, best wishes to you, too.

I felt fine waking up - I think it's different for every one. For years (even with xAH) I've served Christmas breakfast at a mission, so it gets me up and out there.
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