long time since i've been here

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long time since i've been here

Well,my last visit here was 3/07- long time. AH got sober 15 monthes ago- life has been great- we sold our little house and bought our dream home 1 month ago - he continue meetings and has been working as amanager at a gym (he's really into working out) 15 mths is the longest he's ever been sober- then Sat. he was mowing the yard- and somehow decided he wanted a beer- I was at work- so now it's on- all over again. I found a receipt for a 5th of Jack Daniels on the table- he i a planner, I guess he knew he's need something to drink for sunday when you can't buy liquor.
I told him he has 2 choices- get sober or get out- heres my big problem- I told you we just bought our dream home- well ALL the moneyweput in this house camefrom selling our old house (which was mine before we met.)- $67,500.00 we have put toward this house, we still have 14,000.00 in a joint account and i am terrified he'll blow it all- i am scared if I divorce him i'll lose my house and 1/2 of (my) money that was put into it- I am scared for our kids- I can't do this again-
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Ellima (((()))) Oh that is so sad to hear. I would probably get to the lawyer and see what's what. Please also get to Alanon for yourself and your kids. I admire you for not going through this again and that you are putting your kids first. I am so so sorry nobody deserves this. Take care and keep posting.

Mair xx
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I'm sorry things have gotten crazy.

Taking some practical steps to protect yourself financially and legally might help you feel better. You could open a separate bank account and put money in there. Talk to a lawyer and find out what your options are. Just gathering knowledge will help you reach decisions.
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