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How to Deal

My sister has had a long history of using alcohol and drugs. It started with pain pills and developed into other drugs (cocaine and marijuana that I"m aware of), all while drinking. She recently got a dui and was put on probation. Throughout that, she continued going to get pain meds from a doctor and was finding ways about lying to her probation officer of why tests might come back positive. For whatever reason, they believed her. Also during all this, she was going and staying with a friend who has a similar past. She would go there to do drugs, they'd help each other "be sober", and then just fall back into whatever they do over there. She racked up credit cards on him, which was buying booze and drugs and whatever he wanted so she could stay there. My parents had to pick her up from his house several times when she was on the verge of OD'ing.

Our parents also have a history of alcohol and growing up wasn't the best environment for us. This is not an excuse, but it does help explain her addiction, I guess. She recently found a 90 day inpatient rehab that she just completed. She was living at my parent's house so I feel this was her way of getting out, otherwise she would end up in jail for violating probation. They paid for it so she went and got out of their house. Win for her! Due to all this corona stuff, they are not allowing people to move to transitional housing and she was told to leave since she finished the program. Now she is living alone and staying at a family member's house that they don't use.

She called me the other day and I could tell by her voice she was using something, probably pills. She keeps saying she doesn't want to be around alcohol or "drunks", but I find it hard to believe that she is sober and 'cured' of her addiction from only 90 days away. Come to find out, she is back at her "friends" house and claims they are 'not drinking together'. But when I said, 'yeah not drinking, but doing what?" Then I told her that nothing good comes of her being there and she said "yes, I know, but I don't want to be alone, we aren't drinking"...but I would think it's save to assume they're using something. She's not being drug tested right now because all of that is closed. When I asked about it, she said "drug tests can go back 4 weeks" and then didn't talk about it anymore. She went from being happy to be out and finding a job to angry and short with me in just 3 days. She's very defensive and having her attitude like she did before when she was using drugs.

My reason for coming here is how do I not worry about this? I do not trust her or believe her because this has been ongoing for YEARS, almost 10 that I'm aware of. She needs the support and help from the rehab place but they aren't letting them transition over during all this corona stuff. I sadly just know within in the next week I will get a call that she is in jail or in the hospital or dead. I know there is nothing I can do but I don't know who to talk to about this. I liked it better when I didn't know anything and now that she is out of rehab, I feel like we're right back where we started...I just worry that this time the outcome won't be good. I can't just not think about it but there is nothing for me to do. She is obsessed with this guy and making herself believe that is where she needs to be.
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