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Looking for information about tranxillium

Hello. I have come over from the friends and families forum. I hope it's OK for me to post here.

My husband is an alcoholic. We have been separated for two years. One of our teenage sons lives with him.

My husband met a girl after we separated and they went on a giant year long bender. Lots of alcohol, cocaine, MDMA etc. She was also addicted to vallium. She sadly took her own life in June last year.

My husband is understandably traumitised by this experience and continues to drink heavily. He can't sleep, due to the traumatic images in his mind and has started taking tranxillium (also called clorazapate or tranxene) without a prescription. He is buying it off the street so I am not sure how regular his supply is.

He appears to be having withdrawl symptoms although I am unclear if this is from the alcohol or from the pills.

I am very concerned about him but also about my son who is living with him.

Can anyone share any information with me about the risks of drinking heavily with this medication and also the risks of taking it sporadically?

Thank you
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You can find quite a bit of information about tranxillium by just doing a Google search. Of course, if he is buying it off the street, there is no way of knowing what he is actually getting. Since it is a benzodiazepine, one should not drink while taking it.
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I've done a google search and found out that it should not be used without a prescription, it should not be taken with alcohol, it should only be used short term

What I'm not finding is what actually happens if the user ignores all these guidelines?

Am I being melodramatic?

My teenager is in the house with him. I'm just anxious about a situation he may or may not have to deal with. Seizure? mental breakdown?
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Amaranth, putting the pills of unknown source aside (they could be anything), your AH could have a seizure or a mental breakdown from alcohol at any time.

A few hours of no alcohol could put him in to withdrawal, based on what you have written his mental health is questionable at best wouldn't you say?

It seems really that what you are asking about is already a real possibility. As your Son won't move, there is little you can do except advise him it is ok to call 911 if things start to get out of hand or if he has a seizure/won't wake up or anything out of the ordinary really.
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