Buspar - thoughts?

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Buspar - thoughts?

Just got put on buspar to help with the anxiety caused by a new career.

Anyone on it?

Shared experiences only. No medical advice, please.
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It has certainly helped me quite a bit, and I have taken it for a good while now.

Good luck with your results.

It doesn't seem to have any side effects that I notice.
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Buspar was prescribed for me in 2016 (10mg morning and evening). By the second week, I had weakness and fatigue for a couple of hours at mid-day. By week three, the weakness was lasting for even longer. I stopped the morning dose and the fatigue/weakness resolved. I continue to take 10 mg at night because it helps me sleep.
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The only question I have about Buspar is where to find it.

It has been on backp-order from the manufacturer for the last several months.

I don't know what's going on at the production level.

I keep telling my pharmacists that I'm going to "get it on the street", which they find funny.

I also tell them that the current situation reminds me of the legendary pot famine of 1969, but they don't know what I mean.

I guess they never read the Freak Brothers cartoons.

I miss taking Buspar.

I never noticed any side effects, but found it to be a good anti-anxiety med.
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Originally Posted by MindfulMan View Post
Just got put on buspar to help with the anxiety caused by a new career.

Anyone on it?

Shared experiences only. No medical advice, please.
I was on buspar for about six months approximately four years ago. I personally didn't feel like it helped me at all. However, I'm not sure whether that's because I was misdiagnosed as having anxiety when I actually had depression or whether it just didn't work.

I know some people who are on buspar who get on well with it. It's all different strokes for different folks. I was put on propanolol after buspar and I got on much better with that iirc.

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Thanks to everyone who responded because I am looking for a medication change.
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(Just realized how old this post is)

I was on buspar for a few months - the 1st time I took it I felt wonderful, but it really started to have no effect on my anxiety pretty quickly. Finding the meds that work for you can be so challenging.

After being on and off tons on anxiety meds I'm finally on what works for me - inderal (beta blocker - I get so shaky sometimes I can't put a pen to paper (had this long before alcohol so it's not withdrawal related)) and it helps a lot, escitalopram (antidepressant....never liked taking them since I don't suffer from depression, but it's helping) and clonazepam....... finding what works for you can be SO FRUSTRATING, but don't give up! And don't give up on therapy - cbt, act, and just chatting with someone you like that's really smart with mental health is so helpful!
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Re: Buspar - thoughts?

I know this is old and not sure if you went on buspar or not.I am on it. I feel for me it helps a little, depends how bad your anxiety is or if you're on anything else. My shrink prescribes it. It's been a mild drug for me, no side effects for me and I feel it does help some. It won't take anxiety away, but it seems to help some, for me. Good luck. I hope what you decided to do worked out.
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