Dizziness is it axiety?

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Dizziness is it axiety?


Im a bit confused. Last week after I have been on a bender for 3 days straight I quit. I have usually anxiety and stomach problem so hard drinking for a few days will trigger something like panic or AWs. I wont be able to sleep and have shakes during day and chest pains during night.

Anyway first day after I quit I had 3 librax (medicine for stomach cramps with a bit of bezos in it) and one xanax for sleep. 2nd day nothing, 3rd nothing was able to sleep fine. However I start to have dizziness, about 2 hours after waking up. In the afternoon driving becomes a problem. My heart beat is not fast I would say 60-70 beats sometimes barely noticeable. I had seen a doctor done EKG that was fine but it was before this all started.
Is this anxiety or something else?
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It could be anxiety related, I had similar symptoms my first few weeks sober but some of that was also attributed to detoxing.

I would play it safe and consult your doctor again.
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My personal experience at 5.5 months sober is that the dizziness was part of my PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome), along with my legs feeling wobbly and horrible anxiety attacks.

All have subsided during this timeframe, so this will likely happen for you too. I do think letting your doc know what you're experiencing is a good thing though.
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Doc yesterday brushed me off without even running my blood tests. EKG was only done that was normal. What I did notice is my resting pulse it lower than it was. Usually it was around high 70-s or 80. Now its 60 or even drops to 50 at times. Might pay a visit to cardiologist soon to check. EKG came out normal CPK too. Other blood tests not done. Wanted to check for magnesium but doctor couldnt be asked.

ALso my BP usually 130-70-80 now its always around 110-120/50-60
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