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Who is controlling your mind?-By Suryanarayana Rao C



Who is controlling your mind?-By Suryanarayana Rao C

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Who is controlling your mind?-By Suryanarayana Rao C

1. The easy method at a glance.

By Suryanarayana Rao C
Your mind frequently runs away getting busy with old bothering thoughts, instead of concentrating on what you are seeing, hearing, or doing at any moment. Focusing on past thoughts reduces your efficiency and creates stress in your mind and body. Chronic stress leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases.

An easy but powerful " beginner's method " is explained in this article, to drastically reduce wandering of your mind. It does not require any allotment of time or belief in any outside powers. It is not related to any religion.

All you need to do, is to mentally feel the faint coolness inside your nose every time breath goes in. Do not try to change it in any manner. As a beginner's strategy, you can do this while just waiting for sleep in bed and also when you wake up from sleep but still lying lazily in bed. Even a few minutes of this practice, quickly brings down your mental tension and relaxes your body as well- proven beyond doubt by many people. After you taste this experience, you can inject the "coolness of breath feeling " into many daily activities. (Do not confuse this with "pranayama" taught in Yoga-both are different practices. See in section 6).

When you develop the habit of passively feeling the coolness of ingoing breath during most of your daily activities without trying to change it in any manner, recycling of useless thoughts in your mind is drastically reduced. Result is - comfort and strength to your mind and body. Then the dormant positive intentions in your mind come to life and gain strength. Sustained positive thoughts lead to productive actions and create superior achievements. You exert less and achieve more.

As reported by many readers of this article this incredibly easy method enables

normal people
get sound sleep very easily and feel more freshness on waking up reduce mental tension drastically
improve mental concentration gain full control over anger leading to better relationships
develop patience in dealing with difficult people and stuations reduce tiredness at the end of a busy day
enhance self confidence reduce postponing tendency
make face bright and glowing, reflecting inner health
people with problems
reduce high blood pressure cure headache - even migraine headache
gradually reduce the urge for chain smoking reduce stammering and more benefits as the practice continues
What do you need to do, to practice it?
No time to be allotted
No belief needed in any religion, higher power or persons
No specific time of day or night
No specific posture
No training or guidance
Just read this booklet in a few minutes and start practicing the method.

The dream of any beginner!

You can practice this method even while doing your work at office or home.

You will feel a taste of the effects in 7-10 days.
You will love the method.
It will become your life long companion.

2. Problem of your wandering mind

By Suryanarayana Rao C
Wandering of mind is well known universal problem accepted as inevitable.

Let us explore this mental handicap in depth.

You take your scooter or car from your house to your place of work, park it, do your job, pick up the vehicle from the parking and return home. The vehicles obey you fully. So you can call them your own.

Now take the case of your mind. Carry out the following experiment without reading further. Close your eyes and think of your favorite object - say a rose.

Tell your mind to continuously think how a rose looks and smells not diverting even for a second.

What happened ?
Your mind did not bother to obey your specific instruction of thinking only about the rose and ran away in a few seconds. It happily got busy with thoughts not even remotely related to a rose.

May be it wanted to enjoy the memory of some past pleasant experience or feel bad about some miserable experience. May be to enjoy or worry about some good or bad thing that may or may not happen in future. When you notice that it has run away, you seriously instruct it this time, to concentrate on the rose and not to go anywhere else. Again it runs away in a few seconds as though it never heard you.

You can go on trying but you do not succeed. Finally you get frustrated and give up. You feel that your mind can not be controlled. This has been the feeling of people everywhere for thousands of years.

It is obvious that your mind does not care for you most of the time,even when you give clear and serious instructions. It goes wherever it likes, whenever it likes. You have got so much used to this bad habit of your mind that you no longer feel odd about it.

This being the case can you call your mind "yours " in the sense of your car or scooter? If you are not in control of your mind, then who is controlling it ? Some unknown spirit ?

3. What are you losing due to wandering of your mind ?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
Let us see the losses you are incurring and the opportunities you are missing.

Loss of efficiency, quality and time
The abnormal effect of wandering of your mind away from your present activity as seen in the rose example, can be better appreciated when you apply the concept to a real life activity.

Imagine you are driving towards your office and at some point, you find your vehicle suddenly placed on the road towards air port -like in a magic show. When you realize this mischief you redirect it towards office. After some time, the vehicle is again on the road towards airport or may be some other road.

In this erratic fashion when will you reach your office? After a long time or may be never. Instead, if your vehicle strictly follows your intention you would reach your office on time.

Similarly if your mind stops wandering, you can read a book faster, understand better and remember better.You can do any task more efficiently with better quality and in less time. Your life will become more productive.

Mind over Body
The effect of mind on body is accepted by the medical profession. It is felt that many problems of body have their origin in mind. The mental stress, beliefs, habits of feeling and reacting of a person, have direct impact on healthy functioning of the organs and systems of body.

A person lying on two supports - one below the shoulders and another below the legs, can support another person standing on his stomach, as his body becomes stiff like a beam, due to the suggestion made by the hypnotist ( Only one gender is used in this article instead of both genders for easy reading). This has been publicly demonstrated and recorded by scientists. Hypnotism is used as anesthesia in some surgical procedures.

Scientific studies have shown the remarkable effects of meditation on body. Extensive research has been done in this field named "Mind Body medicine". A recent book mentions that presently 19% of US population (50 million) engage in meditation.

Many studies have established beyond doubt, the great power of mind over functions of body and health of organs. If we can control our minds even partially we can get partial to total relief from some diseases or physical discomforts as explained after the title page.

Converting dreams into reality
The visionaries and dreamers throughout history, utilized the power of their minds to convert their dreams into reality. The Wright brothers dreamt of a machine which could fly in the sky like a bird. The power of their obsessed minds was guiding their thoughts and actions towards ultimate success. One day they saw their dream fulfilled.

When you reach a high degree of concentration of mind without being pulled down by counter thoughts, you develop higher capabilities in thought and action that are not normally available to you. You also get unsolicited external help.These can help you get rid of your false mindset and convert your dreams into reality.

Irrational feelings and habits
If your mind comes under control, you can overcome fears like fear of public speaking and fear of heights; baseless dislike of some people, allergies, addictions, odd mannerisms, compulsive behavior, dogmatism and similar handicaps.

4. Can I gain control of my erratic mind ?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
Yes - there are proven processes for this. Thinkers world over realised this problem thousands of years back and devised different processes to train the "wild monkey natured mind" into an obedient one.

These physical and mental processes are well documented and can help in training your mind to obey your instructions
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5. Why are people not using proven processes?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
The current generation of children and adults are victims of ceaseless bombardment by mass media, overcrowding and intense competition, causing high levels of mental stress and killer diseases like high blood pressure and heart problems. We badly need to protect our minds and bodies from premature diseases and deaths. But 90 % of the population do not even attempt any of the well known processes which are scientifically proven to eliminate mental stress by controlling the mind. Let us see the factors hampering the practice of such processes.

Lack of awareness
We wrongly believe that it is natural for our minds to wander and that gaining control over mind is impossible. The consequent losses are treated as unavoidable for human beings. If all people in a city have only one eye and never saw a man with two eyes they feel it is natural and live with the handicap.

Next, there is no awareness in most of the parents, elders, and teachers who shape the minds of children that this problem can be overcome, using proven processes which common people like us can practice. The above situation continues because these processes and their benefits are not publicized in a manner suitable for beginners.

Elaborate instructions
The few people who come to know and want to try these processes, do not even attempt them as the latter prescribe elaborate and rigid instructions. For example- sit with your back straight, sit in a quiet place, sit for minimum 20 minutes, do every day, do early morning between 5 and 6 o'clock and in the evening between 6 and 7 o'clock, do on empty stomach and so on.

These instructions were devised by experts for getting best results in a given time. But beginners are not inclined to fulfil them. They do not try these processes even a few times so as to taste some benefit and get convinced about their practcality and usefulness.

Goat minus mentality
A goat held by a rope would graze in a circle whose size depends on the length of the rope. Longer the rope, larger the circle of land in which it grazes.

Similarly a person also accepts the mental and physical freedom he feels he has been given.

In this sense man is like a goat. But man is superior to goat in the scale of evolution. Does he behave in a superior manner ?

The goat runs away and enjoys it's full freedom soon after realizing the rope is missing. But a man, even after finding the rope missing, would continue to confine himself strictly to the same circle as though an invisible rope is still around his neck. If you ask him why he is not using the freedom now available, he would reply that 'they' might have forgotten and would anyway find out and tie him up. So what is the point in running away !

In other words, a human being gets mentally conditioned by the circumstances in which he has been living, even though he may be suffering badly. He does not realize that he certainly can choose his thoughts, feelings and reactions at every moment. Even when aware, he succumbs helplessly to the inner tendencies that make him think and behave in the same set fashion like a Robot. In respect of grabbing opportunities readily available before him, he is worse than a goat -"goat minus" !

Great internal resistance
A person gets addicted to his way of feeling, thinking and behaving, like addiction to smoking or drinking. He feels great internal resistance even to his own determined efforts towards changing them, though he is convinced his life would thereby become better. Either a serious crisis in his life or an appealing and inescapable external influence only, can pull him out of his mental addictions.

Any conventional process that we like to try for changing our habitual ways of feeling, thinking and behaving, will be sabotaged by our minds, by creating excuses for not following the prescribed rigid instructions. The process is dodged conveniently. The reason is that the promised benefits from the new habit which are yet to be tasted, have no attraction for us. Even when we plan to change our entrenched habits, our minds instantly feel discomfort and sabotage such plans.

It is like telling a person who has never tasted honey, that the amber colored liquid called honey being shown to him will give a pleasant sweet taste, if tasted under specific conditions. As he is unable to comfortably fulfil the conditions prescribed, the person does not put even one drop of honey into his mouth and enjoy it's taste. How will he then get convinced and take a spoon of honey daily to enjoy its sweetness and health benefits?

6. How can a beginner try an established process?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
It is now clear that a beginner can not even try an established process. He definitely needs an easy-to-do "beginner's method" to free his conditioned mind and gain control over it. Only then he can start trying an established process.

The proposed method should prompt even the lazy and skeptical person to try. It should not give him the slightest scope for not trying. Then many people among us would try the method and get a taste of it’s benefits - like tasting a drop of honey.

Having tasted the benefit the person would continue the "beginner's method" as part of his daily routine just like going to sleep or brushing teeth. He would gain slowly and steadily. Thereafter he would not like to neglect the process and lose the pleasant comfort he has got used to.

Mastering the beginner's method lays a solid foundation. If he likes he can then confidently take up one of the established processes, to get over problems of body or mind and also to convert his dreams into reality.
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7. What is"beginner's method" ?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
The method explained here is extremely easy to understand and easy to practice.

It readily attracts a beginner.

It does not require any allotment of time, initiative, physical effort, belief in anybody or a higher power. It can be tried according to your whims and fancies. Thus it does not pose any hurdles for a beginner.

Even when you try in this free style you will get surprising benefits.

Such a dream method is described here. It is so simple and easy that 90 % of the population including children can use it comfortably to gain control over their minds.

Feeling ingoing breaths
The secret of this easy method is to mentally feel the slight coolness inside the nose whenever breath is going in.

It's principle is to repeatedly and tirelessly focus your usually wandering mind on the feeling of coolness inside the nose that is always available to you. As simple as this.

An average person breaths 16 times per minute. It means 16 x60 x 16 = 15,360 breaths during the wakeful period of 16 hours in a day. You have great number of opportunities before you all the time.

Whenever air is entering your lungs, you can easily feel a slight coolness inside your nose . When air goes out you hardly feel any sensation.

Try to feel several ingoing breaths right now.

Have you tried ?
If you could not feel the coolness when breath is going in, try this time with your eyes closed.

You can definitely feel slight coolness every time air is entering your nose. Try many times with eyes closed till you feel it easily.

Then feel the coolness with open eyes several times.

When you easily feel coolness with open eyes read further. Till that time continue to experiment as explained above.

Do not confuse this process with breath control in yoga practice
In this method, you should not make any effort to change the way breathing is going on. Do not try to lengthen, shorten or retain it. Just accept quietly whatever way breath is going in and out. Be like an audience watching a movie without reacting to it.

The effectiveness of this method is not dependent on the oxygen in the air or quality of air. It is a simple mental process which gives a soothing effect to your mind and relaxation to your body.

Counting breaths
Now that you are able to feel coolness of ingoing air start counting the ingoing breaths. Count - 1 now when you feel the first breath going in. When you breath out just try to feel it. When you feel the next breath going in, count - 2. Continue to count every time breath goes in - 3, 4, 5, and so on.

Count your ingoing breaths without reading further.

How many breaths could you count before getting a break in counting ?
After counting the first breath you might have counted up to say 8, 15, 36 or so. After some number, your mind abandoned breath counting and jumped to some random thoughts, having no relation to breathing, coolness or counting.

Such breaks in breath counting happen to everybody. Don’t get discouraged. On the other hand congratulate yourself.

You have just tasted a powerful process. It will help you enjoy your life which is bound to have fluctuating pleasures and pains Patiently and smilingly start again from 1 and count ingoing breaths.

Count your breaths now without reading further.
What number could you reach ?
Again your mind would have forgotten breath counting after some number was reached. No problem. Start breath counting again from 1 and go on repeating the process.

It is purely a game of patience and persistence which you will very soon master and enjoy the consequent comfort. You can not expect the wandering habit of your mind formed over many years, to change in a few days. It will be a slow and steady process. Simply continue in spite of breaks.

After many days of breath counting efforts in this manner, you will be able to count more breaths than you could initially. It indicates some habit formation of your mind.

Most important is to mentally concentrate on feeling the coolness of ingoing breaths.

Do not give any importance to number of breaths counted. Counting is only to initially help you maintain better continuity in feeling the breaths.

When to do breath counting?
Now you may be thinking "When can I do breath counting ? My mind is never free for taking up this new business".

Here are two easy ways to initiate the habit of breath counting.

Every day you are bound to go to sleep and wake up from sleep.

You can practice breath counting when you are comfortably relaxing in bed, just waiting for sleep and your mind is wandering as usual.

You can also do it when you wake up from sleep but are still lying in bed, again with a wandering mind.

Any one of the above two times convenient to you, is enough to make a begining.

Even lazy people can develop the habit using these two easy oppurtunities.

How long should I do it ?
No guidelines are given. Like most beginners, you may use them as excuses to avoid even trying the process.

You can do breath counting for a little time or a long time. Do not worry or blame yourself if you miss the practice some days or even weeks. Missing frequently is natural to this process in the early stages.

Duration of practice has no important at this stage. Be happy if you do it for only a few times before falling asleep and a few times on waking up. Pat yourself for even little advances in practice. As a beginner's strategy what is most valuable is your interest in working on yourself at your own pace. You are not to please anybody.

What is the next step after regular breath counting ?
You have developed interest in the process. Good. Here is the reward.

When you feel happy with the habit of breath counting, you can stop counting !

Simply feel the coolness of ingoing breaths, as many times as you can, when waiting for sleep or on waking up. You will surely taste the amazing effect of breath feeling very soon. You may never have experienced such a mental comfort so easily till now.

8. How to progress further ?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
You now have an opportunity for injecting the " coolness of breath feeling" into most of your daily activities and situations, having tasted the comfort it gives you.

Whenever you remember about this process, just feel your breath going in, as many times as you can, any time of day or night.

You can use any posture or any activity for enjoying the comfort of breath feeling.

Some ideas -

Lying lazily in bed on waking up
Feeling frustrated or tense
Feeling impatient or angry
Feeling tired or troubled
Not getting sleep after it breaks
Listening to people
Waiting in a queue
Listening on telephone
Watching TV
Travelling in bus, car or plane
Whenever idle or bored
Doing hard or difficult work
Waiting for sleep
Brushing teeth
Combing hair
Doing household work
Playing games
After returning from work
When you want relaxation
About to get angry or depressed
Best opportunities for developing the habit

Walking at any place any time
Listening to anybody any time
During meetings or gatherings
Use the idle moments in many activities during which your mind wanders. For example: waiting for the desired computer screen to appear, waiting on telephone for the other to respond and so on- feel your breaths a few times.

Whenever your mind is idle or you feel disturbing thoughts, you can switch over to breath feeling. It will immediately comfort your mind. One beginner who experienced breath feeling for 10 minutes for the first time sitting in a chair said " it is like fitting an air conditioner to the mind!"
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9. What will I gain by frequently feeling breath ?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
See the feedback from some beginners at the end of the article. You will also see the expected benefits as you read on. But why believe claims of others ?

Try the process of breath feeling at your own pace and judge for yourself. After all, you are not going to spend any extra time or effort for experimenting with it. You are also not disturbing your existing activities.

After some months of practicing breath feeling frequently during 16 hours of wakeful period, it becomes a habit . Whenever your mind becomes idle, it automatically starts feeling breath on its own- a great achievement.

Your mind becomes clear and cool. Your behavior becomes open minded and smooth. You gain strength for working towards the favorite goals that you have been postponing.

Whatever is achieved quickly disappears quickly. Be slow in progressing. Let the process and it's effects seep into your cells. Then you will never slide back to old tense condition but will only move forward in the new direction of owning a cool and efficient mind.

For a normal person, simply feeling breath during daily activities has a magical soothing effect on his mind, without spending extra time or effort. He has to just keep the practice going on, taking the breaks as natural to the process.

This method gives pleasant comfort and relaxation to your mind and body. With a relaxed mind and body you are protected from negative thoughts. Your mind starts attracting positive thoughts which lead to positive achievements.

When you reach the remarkable stage of your mind feeling the breath by itself during daily activities, you may feel an urge to learn one of the established processes, depending on your religious or spiritual inclination.

Of course there are also processes that do not require any such inclination. They are equally effective. Just an open mind and interest in improving oneself are enough. You need not bother now about this far off stage and get diverted by popular names.

Start the beginner's method and progress slowly and steadily.

10. What is the principle behind this process ?

By Suryanarayana Rao C
Observation has shown that the mind of a growing child gets from its elders, about 500 negative thoughts and 100 positive ones in a day. You can imagine the mountains of negative thoughts accumulated in our minds over so many years. They are the result of work done on us knowingly or unknowingly by - parents, other elders, teachers, colleagues, bosses and family members whose comments and criticism we take to heart.

Your wandering mind is mostly recycling past houghts that made a negative impact on your mind. As old bothersome thoughts reappear, you automatically get a tense feeling which adds power to them like feeding fuel to fire. The more times they recycle, the more they influence your present thoughts and behavior negatively.

The process of feeling breath breaks the grip and momentum of old bothersome thoughts, which create tension and erode your self confidence. It acts like a momentary stopper arresting the speed of an uncontrolled vehicle going down a slope. It makes a lot of difference.

It fills your mind with the present cool feeling in your nose. Luckily for us the mind allows only one thought or feeling at a particular moment. More the feeling of breaths, less the time available for entry of old bothersome thoughts and weaker their impact on your mind. This is a gradual process.

As domination of useless thoughts on your mind gets weakened the few useful thoughts that were lying submerged, get a chance to sprout and grow.

Over a long period of breath feeling along with an "I-dont-care-for-you"attitude towards your negative thoughts, they lose their power over your feelings and behavior. They just appear sometimes and quietly disappear, seeing that you you do not bother about them.

As old negative thoughts get dissolved, the " real you " emerges gradually out of the robotic you with a robust mind and body.

You are now ready to tap the power of your mind for overcoming body problems or mental difficulties.You can also start creating the life you want to lead.
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11. Your questions anticipated

By Suryanarayana Rao C
You are likely to get some doubts on reading this article. Here are the answers.

What if I forget some nights or mornings ?
No harm to the process. You need not worry whether it would be useful to continue after a break of some days or even weeks. Forget that you have forgotten.

The breaks occur for many years even for veterans of this practice. They indicate that the process is working effectively and uncovering some more mental blocks. When you resume after each break, you would have eliminated or weakened one more block and released the stuck up mental energy. Start with a surge of interest whenever you remember about the relief you felt earlier from breath feeling.

Can I develop my own variations of the method ?
Most welcome. Do it any way that gives you some comfort. If you develop an easier method share with others. Feel free to change to better methods and enjoy better benefits. Combine it with any other method that appeals to you.

Can I discuss this method with others ?
Surely. Informal talking among beginners will reinforce every one's efforts. The postponing people will start trying the method. Your chances of discontinuing or having too long a break will be less when somebody with common interest will inquire once in a while about your progress. Sharing of each other's experience will prevent wrong or hasty conclusions about the process. The fact it is working well for "A" but poorly for "B" indicates that "B" needs to have more patience and persistence to pass over his mental blocks.

Who can try beginner's method of breath feeling ?
All categories of people can try - students, housewives, people in service, business or profession and retired persons. The process of breath feeling makes them better human beings. They will be able to handle their lives better even under difficult conditions.

The beginner's method I have described, has been thoroughly tested and proven for peoiple in normal health. It definitely reduces physical and mental tension. The person's mind remains cool and open most of the time. He feels less tired in spite of busy work throughout the day.

Some people suffering from ailments like high blood pressure, migraine headache and stammering have reported great relief or total cure.

For children, we have to introduce it as a game. Their life will be much better, once this method is made a part of thier daily routine. Trials have started.

What if I do not feel like trying though I am convinced?
This happens to some people. They read the article, accept it as a good concept but postpone even trying the method giving some reasons - not finding time, relatives have come, too much work at office and the like. The article clearly says that no separate time needs to be allotted for this practice. Some exceptional people do not even like to open this article lying before them - as though afraid that there may be a bomb inside it!

We may interpret such situations as - the "Go at minus" happily going round with it's imaginary rope or the " Robot " refusing to accept any change in it's existing program even by it's owner. Or may be the person is afraid of looking into his own mind containing some suppressed feelings or thoughts.

It means some people are passively surrendering their mind, their most precious asset, to an unknown influence. May GOD help them get their mind released from it's clutches.

Why an elaborate article for a simple process ?
A good question.
I came to know that breath feeling was the first step of established processes developed by the masters. I felt I must try it at my own pace without doing in a conspicuous manner and without any external support. I thought that doing it somehow, gaining some benefit and thus getting induced into it, was better than waiting for the prescribed ideal conditions and never even begin.

I was doing it only when waiting for sleep and on waking up from sleep. Later I came to know from some books that it can be done any time during the entire wakeful period. I gradually developed the habit of feeling breath during many daily activities.

After some months, I found to my surprise that my mind was by itself turning to breath feeling whenever idle. The consequent mental comfort was remarkable.

This was a great revelation to me. I could transform my usually wandering mind (believed to be impossible to control) into a disciplined companion on my own without any body helping me !

And the process by which I achieved this happy mental condition, is such an easy one as feeling my own breath, not needing any allotment of time nor any external support or belief !!

Can any other method be easier than this for beginners ?
Why have we been missing such an easy and effective method available for 16 hours a day to avoid mental and physical tensions!
The beginner's method of simply feeling breath while lying down comfortably in bed, is not found in popular processes. Most of them advise to do this in sitting posture, morning or evening for best results. But beginners who have not tasted any benefit would never sit specially for any such practice. Most of them are allergic to such practices.

I wanted to check whether the beginner's method would give comfort to others as well. I shared this simple process without any explanations with a few people (12 people over a period of 6 months), to see how they would do it and the benefit they would get. Most of them started immediately. A few started only after I reminded them many times purposefully. All of them continued the practice.

The results have been absolutely encouraging as you can see from their feedback at the end of the article. The benefits reported by people of all ages and backgrounds were far beyond my expectation.

Realizing the great potential of this easy method for giving mental and physical comfort to any person, I prepared a self explanatory article and circulated to a cross section of people. Based on suggestions and reactions received from about 10 people at a time the article was improved many a time for better clarity, credibility and motivation to try the method. All the readers were impressed with the simplicity, easiness and usefulness of the process. Whoever started the practice is continuing.

To convince people only through a single article, all phases a beginner has to go through have been explained clearly - to get convinced, when practicing and after developing the habit.

I believe a good number of readers like you would try breath feeling in the beginner's way. Once you try it for some time in any way and taste the comfort, you will not leave it.

I am sure most of your doubts are cleared and you are fully charged to try out the beginner'smethod. You have to simply turn your own awareness towards feeling your own ingoing breaths. Both are available to you for about 16 hours a day. You will get convincing benefits in mind and body in a short period.

You will love the process of breath feeling after a few days of trials with lot of patience.

It will become your wonderful companion throughout life. It can help you achieve your goals. It is never too early or late in life to start such an useful process.

Why not you make a begining today ?

OK ?

Begin tonight when waiting for sleep.

Begin breath feeling lying in bed:
When just waiting for sleep
Immediately after waking up
Extend the practice into most frequent activities:
Walking any place any time
Listening to anybody any time
During meetings or gatherings
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It's locked to replies or those people who are not registered?
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good article (((MG))))) I want to read thru it a couple of times before making a direct comment on it.

I do know that for me to get in a better place I had to get control of my thoughts. I am sure my thinking has goten me into more trouble than I care to think about right now...
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Thumbs up

Thanks, Morning Glory

This is a great methode. I´m doing the breathing technique every morning and every night.

It´s really helping.

Love and light,
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