my thyroid made me do it!!

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my thyroid made me do it!!

Hi..I just thought I'd post about my condition. Just a little FYI.

I was diagnosed with panic disorder/social anxiety etc. I went through the whole thing with the meds and counseling...(the counseling is a good thing)

Anyway, it was hell. Finally, after my little sister was diagnosed with a thyroid doctors tested my thyroid. I found out I have Grave's Disease.

Once I found out, I started doing some research and learned about the side effects and symptoms of the disease, including :

-difficulty sleeping
-rapid or irregular heartbeat
-tremors and shakes
-increased perspiration
-emotional disturbances
-increased blood pressure
(basically feeling like your freaking out, going batty, and losing control)

The list goes on. I have experienced a lot of relief since being diagnosed and getting off the ssri's and benzo's...If you have an anxiety disorder and have NOT had your thyroid checked, I would HIGHLY reccommend doing so. Especially, if you are a woman with a family history of auto-immune disorders, or if you have any family history of thyroid problems.

I HATE that nobody told me this stuff! I suffered for a long time, in my opinion...totally unnecessary!!

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Just wanted to bump this up cause it is a really good post. I've put up thyroid posts in the Eating Disorder forum. I've suffered from both thyroid disorders and the problem is that this is such a commonly under or mis diagnosed issue because the awareness is crap-o-la!!

Please, get your thyroid tested, next time you get your blood work done. Just ask your doc.
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Or if you are a man, get your E2 checked (Estrogen) and testosterone checked. They can both play key factors in how you feel. My E2 was too high, got panic attacks again, and then used DIM to bring the E2 down. No panic attacks.
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Just wanted to bump this back up to the top, because it is a really good post.

I go every 6 months to get blood work done (I am on Lipitor and my dr. checks my liver enzymes).....Because of this blood work my dr. could tell I have an underactive thyroid and I am on meds. now. I can really tell a difference.
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I had a brain tumor when I was very young and had surgery because it effected the way the pituitary gland is functioning.

My anxiety and depression has not let up in the past 5 years. Friday I am going to get blood work done to see if I have hypothyroidism. It would be so wonderful to finally find out that I do not have to live like this. I am not getting my hopes up though.
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Just be aware that if you do have hypothyroidism, that it does feel good to know have an explaination for why you have been feeling the way you are, but don't ever use any disorder or illness as a crutch or excuse. Its not healthy, and I've tried to stay away from that. A lot of thyroid patients get a bad rap for using their thyroid problems as an excuse for being over weight or tired and stuff. While it is a valid explaination, don't use it as an excuse.

k, enough... Good luck on your blood work.
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My mom has thyroid problems. She's been on meds for nearly all her life.
But, sure, I would never guess thyroid could cause all the affects you listed.
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I didn't even know what a thyroid was (or that everyone has one!) until I got diagnosed. Sad...
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