Detox at Home

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Detox at Home

Hi, I've never posted before, but have been reading for over a year. I stopped drinking again on Mother's day, was a 6 can per day IPA 6.3 ABV or equivalent for many years. Been to rehab once. I wanted to ask if lightheadedness is a problem on day 2. Feels like I took an ADHD pill. Or is this one of the normal symptoms. Maybe too much coffee?
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Oh, and I'm regularly on medication that says not to drink with it, but I have not had a problem for months until I stopped drinking. Hmm I'm listening to myself. So the real question is isn't lightheadedness/ anxiety normal or do I really need a doctor now? What is a seizure precursor?
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Welcome to SR, Jo. I am not familiar with the precursors of a seizure, but if you are concerned, I recommend you talk with your doctor. Does your doctor know your drinking history and that you recently stopped? I think it's important to have medical supervision. Detox is different for everyone. Some people get through it with not much more than some physical discomfort. For others, it can become a medical emergency. It's always best to see your doctor.
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I agree with Suki, JoÖif youíre worried please do see your Dr.

My lightheadedness was linked to high blood pressure - not saying thatís your problem, of course, but itís another reason to get checked out.

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How are you feeling, Jo?
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Hi Jo. I hope you got some medical advice to be safe, & that you're feeling better.
Hope you'll continue to post. It really helps.
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Being lightheaded can be due to lots of different circumstances. best to get your doctor's help and advice.
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I think is a better idea to have this discussion in person with a Doctor.

Asking a bunch of random people on the internet for their medical advice, doesn't make much sense to me.
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