filling the emptiness . . .

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filling the emptiness . . .

As one discards un-wholesome habits a time may come when there is an emptiness. All those phenomena, like the I-making of ephemeral attributes like addiction, pass away and what is left?

If it is difficult to befriend the void today, a wholesome idea is to replace the un-wholesomeness with positivity that doesn't encourage more I-making. The most proven such is generosity in form amd spirit.

What this means is to give away things, things clung to like fiat and objects, while inclining the mind towards kindness, sympathy, empathy and imperturbability.
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Service to others is indeed a good thing
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Indeed. Thank you, and your tireless service is a boon.

And it is in the deed that the fruit of service comes to life. It is another reason, when one is weighed down and can't make it to a meeting, to see attendance as a service. Even if one sits quietly in a corner, there is always someone worse off who may take heart. In turn creating more space for happiness within one's own heart.
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Agree. Sitting in the corner lends support to others. It shows that people do care--- that's why they're present. Even if they simply sit and listen...
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I see this as one of the most promising statement I have read for some time. (not to say there are not lots and lots of worthwhile things being said all the time) :

"But for me at times i ponder should i just throw it all away? I mean whats the sense if its out of my control."

The answer is hidden in plain sight in the ponderings.

Ok, for those who don't understand. 'I mean...' is, I presume, rhetorical. Why is it so? I think it's a question that needs an answer.

If you break down everything in this world to its constituent components you will see that you are not in control of anything. It is the very idea that ANYTHING is in 'my control' that keeps one tied to a life of misery. Because everything IS 'out of my control' nothing is really mine or me. I can't tell this body to not age or get sick. I can't stop 'my' loved ones to not age, get sick or die. Yet I have an ingrained tendency to cling to ideas of youth, health., life, possessions, ideas, etc etc etc. And while I cling, all these phenomenological things change in ways that are 'out of my control'. In fact, change and not-mine-ness are fundamental natures of the world and all things in it.

So, back to pondering. Instead of actively 'throw it all away', just : let it go. Stop clinging. Just be still in the changing, not-mine chaos of reality and be happy.

Easy, or not, to say, you say. Sure. It is probably such an alien concept that it's easier to dismiss. But, think about it...
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"The answer is hidden in plain sight in the ponderings." I think in a sense, the answer is within pondering. What does it mean to throw it all away? What 'it' are we talking about? At times, it's been the attempt to stop drinking. Earlier, it was the attempt to deal with things sober. Sometimes it has even been any semblance of hope that things will ever mean anything, so what am I doing with my life anyway.

When I'm able to focus on stillness and warmly welcome one of those 'ponderings,' I find that my mind becomes more interested in what is behind the fear/clinging. And sometimes, I can even arrive at this: "Just be still in the changing, not-mine chaos of reality and be happy."

Thanks, Grymt
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