food addiction

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food addiction

okay I've mentioned this before, that I'm struggling with food addiction. The thing is I didn't realize the true extent of said issue. Its bad all I can think is getting my sugar fix. I realize now I won't stop without some out side help. I thought as worked the program it would go away. no suck lock no such zone as the elvis song goes. I'm powerless over it just like using and drinking. for some reason I don't want to go to oa, or fa currently have on my table all I can handle. I'm afraid if try to change I'll relapse and then I'll be fat and drunk. I have been exercising more . I've been feeling good. I also realize that this is going to take some time to address. I do need to change because I can't even one day or even 2 hours without eating sweets.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to you David! Man thatís got to be hard! Because food is always going to be around and you have to eat in order to survive! Where with alcohol you can easily survive without it! Staying sober is your number one priority! The food addiction also has to be dealt with too! Maybe also mention this to your nutritionist - that you get these cravings for sweets and how should you cope with that! Also continue to ask God for help with this! And continue posting and getting it out in the open!
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Might be time to see that dietitian David?
You can do this

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im seeing the nutritional expert tomorrow. to be honest though I can't even imagine life without sugar and more sugar. I need to get the sugar monkey off back. actually it's an 800 pound gorilla. over all I feel good other than food issues.My sponsor thinks I'm ready to sponsor other aa people. I've worked the steps . I'm not sure how I feel about that. it blows my mind the idea I'd be a sponsor of anything or anyone considering I was totally hopeless just 8 months ago. If it's God's will I will do it. we do have to give it away yo keep it.

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Sugar boosts dopamine production significantly and for alcoholics that's not a good thing.

I had to break a bad sugar habit/addiction too. You can do it, but it will likely mean abstinence from it at least for a while. I find wheat to be the same problem. I'm not willing to go the rest of my life without sugar or wheat but it did require a lot of internal work and abstinence for a while before I was able to allow them back into my nutrition plan.
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