Some unsurprising news

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Some unsurprising news

I feel sure the article below will not come as a shock to us on these pages but detailed scientific analysis carried out on the grey matter of moderate as well as excessive drinkers which indicates moderate drinkers suffer a loss of grey matter density cannot easily be dismissed by those with a vested interest in doing so.

I do not expect it to result in an overnight international revolution on how alcohol is viewed but I do think that in the longer term this will be seen as a significant development:-
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Insidiously, I tried to solve my drinking problem while I was still drinking - using a definitely un-well brain.

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I am not surprised at the results of this research.
I once read that alcohol penetrates all the walls of the brain, something no other drugs can do.

Thanks for this post Sao
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I'd like to see what the peer review says as the guardian will print any old tat. Thanks for sharing though.
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No cause for alarm Scd619x, it was published in the Daily Mail too...

Thanks for that Sao - the conclusions certainly ally with my experience and all the credible research I’ve read.

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Certainly an interesting study, but to be honest I doubt it will really have any effect on curtailing drinking. We have overwhelming evidence that other drugs are bad for you in any quantity ( Cocaine, opiates, meth, etc ) yet people sell their souls to keep getting high on them. Maybe it's just my cynical view but to me consequences are never a good deterrent - we need to make the decision for ourselves.
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Thanks for sharing It’s refreshing to see the media finally highlighting the risks to health associated with drinking alcohol. As opposed to the ‘drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for you’ nonsense. I think there is a shift in the way people are viewing alcohol in any amounts, a lot of sober curious folks these days who don’t necessarily have a dependance to alcohol deciding to try a life without it.
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