Yeah, you guessed it....

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Yeah, you guessed it....

I got just over three weeks and started all over again. What a drag. I hate dealing with the detox symptoms but here we go. Addiction is a b!tch.
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Hi Notch. Very sorry for your misery - but glad you posted about it.
Sometimes we require further proof that it's poison to us & we need to keep it out of our lives. You can do it - there is no doubt.
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I tried for almost 15 years to quit for good. A week here, a month there, it never seemed to stick for me.

This is a horrible horrible illness. It always gets worse. Some people say relapse is a part of recovery. It doesn't have to be.

It got to the point to where I had damaged most of my vital organs. My heart was damaged, my pancreas, my liver and kidneys were in pretty bad shape. I had also given my self type 2 diabetes.

The doctors told me it's now or never. I was almost out of time and it was s#it or get off the pot. I'd like to say I had a huge revelation into a moment of clarity, but it wasn't that at all. I didn't want my kids to lose their father.

I didn't do anything special. After I got out of the hospital, i got therapy, went to AA off and on and came here to post.

I lived my life around one question for everything I did.."Was this good for my sobriety or bad for my sobriety?" If it was bad, it had to go. It was that and I kept things very very simple.

I haven't had any relapses since then and I'm creepin up on 4 years sober. I was the king of relapse. If I can do this, so can you. I wish you the very best.
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Read around the forums and threads- lots of very practical info and stories. Support to you.
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welcome back Notch8
any ideas yet on what you might do differently his time?
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I've been at this sobriety thing for over four years. Most I ever did was three months and then I read somewhere how I could be "cured" and drink normal. I can't. I've tried many times.

Yesterday after I posted this, I took the last two shots that were left just to settle my hands and then walked two miles at the park. Felt okay, and my sleep wasn't horrible last night but I'm feeling it now that it wasn't what I need. I'm gonna slam some natural sleeping pills and turn in early, as I have an early meeting in the morning.

As to what from here? Honestly I am evaluating that now. I obviously can't go back, as I too am a father. I am also have having all manner of weird twitches and finger tingling, but that will pass as long as I stay sober.

Thanks for the concerns.
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Hi Notch8, any idea of a plan for this time around?
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Then I read somewhere how I could be "cured" and drink normal.
Anyone who touts that kind of cure is either deluded or they want your money.

There's no 'cure' - but there is a freedom and a lightness of being that comes when we stop drinking

We can literally do anything we want them - just... not drink.
Its a darn good deal Notch - hope you'll go for it

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I hope you can find your way out of this hole you've dug. A good start would be to put down the shovel.
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Hope your day is going better today Notch. You'll find a lot of support and understanding here.
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Notch8 It doesn't have to, but sometimes recovery comes in fits and starts. Get past the 1st day and you are on your way. Withdrawal symptoms are temporary. Chin up. You can do this. Try your best not being alone, not recovering alone.
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