30 Days, today

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30 Days, today

30 Days today and I have to admit, it wasn’t so terrible, after all. Tell the truth – this time around was a lot easier than the other times I can remember/think of. Maybe it’s because this time I share a house with two people (dad and stepmom) who are both hard-line alcoholics, and see the person I will become in a decade from now – if I haven’t drank myself to death before then. Or maybe it’s that this time, I know, is probably my last chance.
As I said in another thread – I’m 55 and my SR name is not just one I picked at random; it really describes where I am at this point in my life. But – again, as I said in that thread – 2020 will be my year. The year in which I’m going to turn my life around and make good. Regain my self-respect and the respect of others. Be the person I was meant to be – happy and proud and secure in my own skin. Buy my little house by the sea, write my books, and maybe find someone to love; all without the “help” of alcohol.
30 Days sober and I actually smile at myself in the mirror.
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Congrats on 30 days RB

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Sick n tired
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Congrats keep going
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30 days is awesome! There were two guys sitting at a bar. One told the other, see those two guys sitting over across from us? That's us in ten years. The other guy said, "that's a mirror you idiot!"
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30 days is great news, well done you. Glad to read it hasn't been too difficult so far but do stay vigilant as the pesky av can creep up on you when you least expect it.

A little house by the sea sounds lovely, a great reason to stay sober and turn your dream into your reality.
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A solid start. Well done.
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That's beautiful.
Congratulations, and I hope all your plans come true, I know they will, just believe in your new sober self.
Best to you.
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Kickass, Rock. Keep it up man! We're in it together.
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Thanks, everyone. Saturday is almost gone here, it's almost 5Pm. Australia - Dee and other Aussies - long gone and asleep by now. Have a great rest of the weekend, all SR friends...
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You seem to be making great progress. Keep it up!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on the first of many sober months! Early recovery can be a bumpy ride at times, but it does get better the longer you're sober.

Being sober doesn't make problems go away, it just enables us to solve them with a clear mind.
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Woo-Hoo!! Congratulations!
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Thank you, Brainsy, Least and Head East. Have a great Sunday.
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Originally Posted by Rockbottom1964 View Post
Thank you, Brainsy, Least and Head East. Have a great Sunday.

Way to go...your post is inspiring as well most importantly your sobriety. We'll get this done together!

You Aussies are a tough bunch!
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Good going bro.
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Thanks Zebra, Wiscsober and Callas. Have a great week, friends.
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