60 days - life rebuilding

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60 days - life rebuilding

Day 60 today. 60 days ago I was near financial ruin, hopeless and out of options. Over the prior 3 years I had watched my business and income shrink to unlivable levels and when that would stress me out, I'd just go drink - for days, weeks or months on end . I had made a few half hazed attempts to fix things while still on the sauce but nothing ever worked. I just sunk lower and lower.

When I finally put the bottle down 60 days ago I had to balance (and still am) new sobriety as well as significant changes to my life for financial sustainability. I am proud to say that I have pulled that off, I have managed to stabilize my business which will now be run on the side (and always should have been) while also getting on full time elsewhere and will now have both incomes.

Not only that but also something to do for once during the week! My business pretty much runs itself so you can imagine the trouble that got me into with alcohol. I'd start drinking due to boredom and have to keep drinking due to anxiety, stress and depression over impending doom.

Glad to say I have stabilized things and if I can do it you can too! Give it a chance!
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Congrats- Sobriety is a beautiful thing and it keeps getting better. I just passed the 11 month milestone.
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way to go!
interesting, too, how you say you were out of options 60 days werenít, of course.
itís just that you didnít consider the best one, which you then took
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Congrats SIB

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I needed to read your post today, thank you.

I need to get my financial **** together, and will use your positive post as inspiration to do so.

Thank you!
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Great news, SIB, congrats and glad to hear things are improving for you. It's pretty amazing how things can turn around just a little bit at a time.
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What a post.
Really happy for you, SIB.
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