2 weeks Sober

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2 weeks Sober


I'd like to join in with the forum if that's OK? I've been reading it for the last two weeks and found it to be an amazing help.

My story

I've always drunk every day since I was a teenager. I'm 40 now. It was just an evening thing until my business went on a downhill spiral about 5 years ago. Long boring story about my business but it was very painful. The responsibility of trying to keep 10 employees in work and feed my family just became too much.
I started daytime drinking and then morning drinking and have managed to do this all this time without getting caught (I think?).
I'm a really bad liar but somehow I've kept this from everybody. One trick with my wife is to hide wine outside and then have an excuse to go out like to empty the bins and then swap bottles.
Anyway my health and appearance are really starting to suffer and after a heavy bing two weeks ago after my wife went to bed, I woke up and decided enough was enough. The guilt of spending our money on booze instead of on my family plus the fact I'm killing myself and will leave my children fatherless has become too much.
I'm feeling really strong mentally and will do this. I've had all the physical symptoms tremors, nightmares and waking seeing things in my bedroom, sickness etc etc, but the urge to pick up the bottle has been surprisingly easy to avoid.
I've done it all on my own as I feel to ashamed to tell my family, so I'm hoping you guys will listen to me.
My business is doing much better now and hopefully so will I.
Many thanks for reading
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Sorry. I've just realised I should have posted this in newcomers
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Originally Posted by tomtom1978 View Post
Sorry. I've just realised I should have posted this in newcomers
You can post it in either.
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Hello and welcome. Of course you can join us, we're all here for a common cause.
I have a feeling it must have been hard for you to share your story.
I know I was too embarrassed to when I first came here.

I'm glad to see you're reaping the benefits of sobriety. Two weeks is great! It only gets better.

I'm a bad liar also. I don't think I fooled many people, except maybe myself.
I hid the booze, went through withdrawal countless time lost relationships ad infintum with all that goes with the low bottom drunk.

You're not alone, friend. Welcome to the forums
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Welcome tomtom and congrats on your sober time
Glad you've joined us - Hope to see you around

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well done, congrats
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sober style
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Sounds like you're marching to the beat of the right drummer, TomTom! Good going.
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Glad you have made the decision to get and stay sober.

For me, it's a daily decision.

I never get to take a day off.
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Welcome Tom. Congrats on 2 weeks.
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Hi Tom I'm a newbie to posting here as well. Still finding my way around. I m delighted to have found SR , hopefully you will too .
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Hey Tom. I'll just pile on and say ... welcome to SR! I'm glad you joined. You'll get loads of support here.
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Glad you are here! How are you doing today?
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The bottle/can shuffle eh! You know you drink too much when you need a seperate bag for your empties as the amount would overfill the recycling!

It's quite amusing actually, my neighbours one either side are both problem drinkers (no I don't live on skid row lol) and I NEVER see many empties in their recycling bags, like at all. This is despite me having to pick one up when he was so drunk he collapsed in his front garden a while back.
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