Sleeping a lot early on?

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Sleeping a lot early on?

Im Britney. 27. I'm coming off xanex, marijuanna, heroin and alcohol. I was sober for 7 months recently. Then relapsed for a week on marijuana and xanex. I'm not 2 months sober. I'm on meds for anxiety and depression. Vistirl, depacote, buspar. Prozac. I'm noticing I'm sleeping 15-17 hours a day. Anyone eles had this withdrawal problem?
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Hi britneytoday

Some people report they sleep a lot and others not at all in the initial days.
If you're worried at all, why not see a Dr?

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I was "just" coming off alcohol (a VERY serious amount by the end) and had a HUGE sleep "need" for quite awhile. I still (2 yrs yesterday) find that I need naps and struggle with good nightly sleep, but I am also VERY active every day.

My solution was to sleep as much as I felt I needed, whatever time of day or night. I definitely believe in the healing that happens when we sleep.

Best to you.
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The big need for sleep is completely expected and physically needed.

Give into it whenever you can!
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I got put on Depakote and Buspar when I was in a pysch hold, I was exhausted CONSTANTLY could barely get through the day without a nap, had no idea how i was gonna function outside of treatment.

Got off the Depakite and Buspar but continued to manage my anxiety with prozac and abilify, found the helped with the exhaustion quite a bit.

Speak with your MD becuase it may be the medication that is making you so sleepy if you're like me. They may need to adjust it

Then again it might just all be a natural part of the detox process.
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