Physical feelings first few days?

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Physical feelings first few days?

What have others experienced? I tapered for a day and then went cold turkey and I feel pretty good, today is day two. I am experiencing insomnia, my digestive track is off and I randomly get a quick pins and needles feeling over my whole body.

Thoughts? Anyone else experience any of these? Advice?
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Welcome to SR!

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary tremendously from barely noticeable to life-threateningly severe depending on a great many factors. If yours are relatively mild, then congratulate yourself on quitting once -- for many people, successive detoxes can lead to dramatically worsened withdrawal symptoms.

Insomnia is very common, as your brain has gotten used to being sedated and experiences a rebound effect once you take the sedative away.

Staying well-hydrated and well-nourished are about the only "tips and tricks" that apply universally. Good luck, and be sure to check in here should you happen to get the urge to drink again!
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This afternoon has been rough as my Friday routine once out of work is to have a drink... this is so hard, I know worth it. I have been awake since 8 am Thursday and I am not tired but getting emotional from lack of sleep
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It's probably going to be a little rough for a while. If you want this bad enough, you can handle it. It's so worth it once you get past the beginning!
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Welcome Ckel. As others mentioned, the first days can be pretty rough. Insomnia is very, very common and there is a laundry list of possibly other symptoms associated with acute withdrawal.
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It is different for everyone. Insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety , loss of appetite, upset stomach, headache, dehydration etc. You could have one symptom or you could have them all.

When I quit heavy drinking in March 2017, I was at the worst I had ever been. It took me weeks to physically feel well. For my kidneys to stop hurting. The anxiety was more than I thought I could handle and I was for certain I needed to be hospitalized. I just can not go there again.

Hang in there. Drink Hot Tea. Take a hot shower and allow yourself time to recover. It took us time to get in to the position we are in. It will take a bit of time to get back to normal.
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Day by day it will get better. Hang in there buddy. We're here for ya.
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Thanks everyone! I slept finally - woke up feeling amazing! I have been hungry all day, and somewhat irritatable, but all to be expected. Feels weird on weekend not drinking but I keep thinking about how good I feel, Money I am saving, long term benefits, etc. that is keeping me focused.
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