Blissful and productive weekend

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I am not these thoughts - I am the Master of these thoughts.
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Blissful and productive weekend

As I take a long sigh of joy and relief.

It was a wonderful, restful and simple weekend. Three months ago I was lamenting about how boring and lonely the weekends were as a sober person. Today I am thankful for having another.

I woke up without the guilt, the hangover, and without wanting the days to go by quickly so i could start drinking at an "acceptable hour".

I spent quality time with mother and went to Saturday evening mass. Made a delicious dinner and watched my programs. Practiced my repertoire for upcoming holidays gigs. Had the BEST workout I've had in years (renewed my membership as part of my plan to stay sober), and slept each night without waking up once.

Today I had a long brisk run beneath the canopy of redwoods and wondrous wintery sky. I feel alive again.

This feels so good. It feels so right.

Thank you SR; I may not have made it here without your help and support.

Have a great and sober week, everyone!

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This is so uplifting to read. I'm really happy for you and proud of your progress
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Thank you for sharing. Inspiring to read.

Very well done on your progress.
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Just browsing through the new posts, FF, and yours made me feel quite emotional. It is beautifully written and mirrors many of my feelings very closely. Thank you.
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Excellent! Yes, its amazing how amazing it is to feel good!
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Yay! Love your post.

It is so wonderful to have this kind of weekend. Mine involved running our monthly 5K, pedis and lunch after, naps, basic stuff like making dinner for my fiance and step daughter...laundry....I'm sure other normal and fun stuff.

Keep going! Life can keep getting better- has for me- the longer I am in recovery.
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Good for you, Forest!!
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You're rockin' it!
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Congrats Forest on your sober time
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I am not these thoughts - I am the Master of these thoughts.
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Thank you - each and every one of you - the tears are brimming. You guys are amazing for caring so much! And thank you for reading. You guys are a blessing to me, to have those who understand what a simple and sober weekend means to someone in recovery - to share it with you is priceless.
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Very nice FF!
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