Another great day...8 years sober

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Another great day...8 years sober

Today I celebrate 8 years of sobriety...nary a drop

Some of you may recall last year at this time we were just starting our journey with my wife's cancer diagnosis...we are truly blessed with a positive outcome (at this point) and we continue to live our lives normally as best possible although the results of the chemo and radiation treatment still linger (poor nails,hair, metallic taste)
And for me I still miss the absence of ethanol at times..I think the demon will linger for ever so one must never drop their guard..

And to those struggling you can do steadfast...fill empty time with anything, exercise is really good..hobbies...friends..look to others for support and seek spiritual goodness...stay strong !!
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under new management
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It is great to see you, Nanook!!!

Congratulations on 8 years of sobriety, truly fantastic!!!

I remember you posting about your wife. I am happy to hear she is cancer free (is what I am taking from your post)

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Congrats on your accomplishment, Nanook.

I'm confident that you worked hard everyday to achieve that sober time.

And we're very happy to learn that your wife's recovery from cancer is going well.
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Behold the power of NO
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Congratulations on 8 years Nanook!

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Congratulations, Nanook! Very inspirational. The first thing I thought of when reading your OP is how wonderful that your sobriety allowed you to be there for your wife and has allowed you to enjoy being with her. Sobriety is not just a gift but a wonderful one that allows other gifts to happen. Best wishes for you both!
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Great work, Nanook! I hope to be there some day!
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From the Great White North
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Thank-you everyone for your kind words and gregknight for the profound insight
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Brilliant! Well done!
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I'm so glad things worked out positively, Nanook
Congrats on 8 years

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Congrats! Glad everything is working out for you.
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