Liver pain yet normal liver function

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Liver pain yet normal liver function

Hey guys, im almost 4 weeks sober! I went and got full bloods done and they all came back okay, but im still getting the odd bout of what i assume is liver pain, its pretty random and not constant.

Has anyone else had things like this?
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Yes. Liver pain actually is right behind the right ribs and can radiate out to your back. If you have a pain beneath the right ribs, I did and thought it was liver pain, it was actually inflammation of the large intestine which alcohol causes. It would come on after certain things I ate, that aggravated it or because of wind. After a couple of months it went away and I could eat what I liked
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Have you asked the doc about it?

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Yes I have had this problem. Normal blood work but ultrasound showed fatty liver. The gallbladder is also under right ribs and gallstone pain is often the cause for discomfort in that area too.
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Eat healthy, drink tons of water, stay away from booze and Tylenol. If it persists after two weeks or you get acute pain then see a doctor.
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Also first thing in the morning a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar in warm water is a good natural way to cleanse the liver. I also squeeze fresh lemon into my water though out the day
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Oh yes! I have it after a drinking binge and sometimes after I eat. I had fatty liver and stage 2 liver disease back in 2012, then after my pregnancy and giving birth in 2014, I was sober for a little while, had a scan in Jan. of 2015 and it was all clear. I'm scared to know now what I have done to my body over the last couple years since then. I have the upper right abdomen pain, but if I stop drinking for several days to a week, it gets better.
You can also take milk thistle (I have the liquid form) and it's good for the liver, and lots of water.
Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar also help, as others have said. Stay away from Tylenol and any unecessery medications.
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Yes, had the same at the 2-3 week stage. LFT tests were fine. Do talk to your doctor about it to give your mind a rest.
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I have the same pain going on. It slowly got worse and worse. My doctor thinks it may be an ulcer.

I'm with Dee. Go see your doctor again.
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I drank everyday for 27 years. The last 15 or so years of my drinking I always had pain in my liver area. My blood tests were always ok but I was often close to borderline bad ranges for liver problems, diabetes and cholesterol levels.

I have been sober over 5 months and the liver pain is gone. I will probably get a blood test soon - I am sure I will see an improvement.
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