Love Or Hate Alcohol?

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Ambivalent. I loved it for too long myself. I'd be a rich man if I had a buck for everytime I said " I'm not an alcoholic, i just love having a few beers ! " . That few beers turned into few cases a week and then a couple liters of booze a week on top of it for desert. Its progressive and it kills to those who are allergic , and that is me.

I definitely hate its effects and the ultimate destruction it eventually employs on people like us. I grew up in the liquor business ( my family owned liquor stores) and saw its ravages on a daily basis. The old joke was to sell your most frequent customers as much as you can , as they will either die or go to AA. Makes me a bit uneasy to remember that glibness and the poor folks who came in everyday to buy a handle of vodka.
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I hate it! For a long time I loved and hated it. For the last year or so I was"just" drinking on weekends and even then I hated who it turned me into. I've hated the hangovers because I drank until I made myself ill the next day. It twists my personality and makes me loud and combative and I'm always ashamed of myself for my behaviour. I hate how once I start I can't stop..... my off switch is definitely broken now. I hate how I have damaged relationships with those most precious and dear to me. No sorry can make that right.

Whatever love affair I had has soured and I'm done with it.
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Started out loving it.

Ended up hating it.
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