Still having liver pain

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Still having liver pain

Ok - I haven't had a drink since November 24, 2016. I am still feeling pain (sometimes a dull ache, sometimes a sharp pain) in my right upper quadrant. Anyone else have experience with this? How long until it goes away? I know that the liver cannot feel pain, that sometimes it's pressing on something from being enlarged. Also, I know the lungs are up in the right upper quadrant too.

Please don't just say, go to a doctor. I know she'll order an MRI, and then say, "you have an enlarged liver". Yes, I know that! I also know that the treatment is to stop drinking, which I have done. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with this.
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Hi...pain in my own liver stopped after a few weeks to a month but was quite acute towards the end of my drinking.

Wether I'd experienced the same as you or not, my advice would still be...go to a doctor. Sorry but it just isn't worth taking the risk and none of us here are qualified to know what's going on

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It took a good 4-6 months until I noticed all the "liver" pains subsided. In the past two years I've drank 4 times and completely alcohol free the past 12 months. I noticed some sort of abdominal pain the few times I drank. Most likely pancreatitis on a minor level. With that said, I would see a doctor every few weeks if it persists. I would also keep track of my food and beverage intake and pain levels at certain times of the day after eating, exercise, etc. So you can paint a full picture to your doctor. Good luck
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Sorry you are still having the pain Jillwink. As much as you don't want to hear someone tell you to see a doctor, that's really your only option here. We cannot give you medical advice, and what others have experienced really won't apply to you as we all have different bodies and recover at a different rate. It's entirely possible that the pain you are having is completely unrelated to your quitting or it could even be anxiety induced. But again, it's against site policy to ask for or give out medical advice, which is pretty much what you are asking for.
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My liver pains stopped soon after I quit drinking.

I still have a twinge of pain now and then...but nothing like when I was drinking.
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Please don't just say, go to a doctor. [/QUOTE]

I know these repetitive posts from people get obnoxious, and fighting what you need to do is hard, but do so. You will be in and out of the doc in less than an hour and simple blood work will let you know where you're at.
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