Quitting is actually easier than drinking

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Quitting is actually easier than drinking

So, minus a new years fumble, I've spent an entire month not drinking, which is a first for me. I'm not a pro at this, and I'm making it up as I go.

I'm just going to share my thoughts on why not drinking is proving to be easier than drinking. Anybody can add more, if they'd like

                Drinking is actually a lot of upkeep, when you think about it. There's just so much planning, preparation and recovering involved that it steals so much of your time. Without it, you can just get on with your life, or improving it.
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                I too find my life so much simpler now that I'm sober. Simpler and more peaceful. No drama. No waking up feeling horrible and hating myself.

                If I had to pick one thing about being sober that I like the best, it would have to be, waking up feeling good.

                I must say, however, I found continuing to drink easier than quitting. It was easier to ignore my demons rather than face them head on.
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                No more guilt, shame, secretive behaviour. No more lying. It is not hard to stop the action of drinking.
                That gives a level playing field to WHY I was drinking myself into a permanent grave.
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                Great list and a great reminder. Drinking was a tremendous burden for me at the end as well and life is truly easier now.
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                I found the same thing, at least after I'd stuck with it a while and got past the first few weeks. Maintaining a heavy drinking habit, especially coupled with strong denial and secretiveness, is a huge power drain, and life got a lot simpler - as well as a lot better in all ways - after I finally quit for good.
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                Keep all of those things in your mind and chances are you'll never drink again.

                The best thing is, the longer you stay sober, the better all of it gets.
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                Well..........I am not a martyr. If drinking were the easier softer way that is likely what I would still be doing. For me, life is much easier and also much more fulfilling sober. I don't know how someone that is a drunk like I was continues to drink. It is hell. Guess they just do not know the secret that sobriety is much better.
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                I can't think of anything worse than just having a couple.

                Easier to simply avoid the first drink.
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                yeah i agree not drinking is incredibly easier then drinking. its just all our BS that gets in the way and confuses us into thinking well maybe just a couple wont hurt or tells us that its not easier somehow.

                reality is not doing something is so much easier then doing it regardless of what it is it takes effort to do a task it takes none to do nothing.
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                I agree, its a lot of work. The work I do now is actually real work(productive), not working on how I'm going to get my drinking in, feel good the next day, etc....
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                It's easier on a deep spiritual level. In the end my drinking felt like I was squandering the gifts that had been given to me. It was like leaving my race car out in the weather for the winter. I won't lie, it was really hard to not drink in the beginning but quitting was totally worth it.
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                "Quitting is actually easier than drinking"

                Oh, Hail Yes!
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                Along the lines of "worrying about being short for the party".

                Counting and re-counting your inventory - to be sure you have enough to "survive" until the next buy. (I can't believe I use to tell myself I needed alcohol just to survive)

                Planning the next buy - calculating the value of your returns and the change in your pocket. Scheming to get the stuff and get it in the house without being seen.
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                No more internal debate!

                That constant yammering in my head about how many I had yesterday and how many will I have today and how early is too early and did I drink all that or did my husband drink some of it and how will I get through today with this hangover and do I have a problem and maybe I'll quit next week but (fill in holiday here) is coming and bla bla BLA BLA BLA BLA BLABLA!!!

                My head is a much more peaceful place now and it's such a relief.
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                I agree with everything from the original post.

                One thing that is better for me is eating meals. Food taste so much better when I am sober.

                Another bad habit I had when I was drinking was to delay my meals. I always started drinking in the afternoon so I would want to get really buzzed before I ate because I knew that once I ate I would be too full to keep drinking or I would feel like passing out.

                I would cook dinner for my family (while I was pounding beers and/or shots) and then watch everyone else eat while I continued drinking. I would just leave some food out or warming in the oven until I had my fill of liquor.

                Of course this sometimes led to overcooked, dried out or cold food. But I was wasted and anything tasted edible then. Now I can enjoy a freshly cooked meal while sober.
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