Im back to try this again.

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Im back to try this again.

Here I am back into day 16. I was doing so well for a year or so then BAM. One drink and it was game over.

But after reading a lot of the messages I feel fortunate that it wasn't as bad for me as most. It seems like everyone knew I drank a lot as I never hid it. I would do 8 ozs whiskey a night, so a 26er bottle would last me 3 days then another one then nothing for a few days then start again. Sometimes I would have an IPA or 2 before the Whiskey as I liked the taste of it.

This time I took a multitude of vitamins and supplements to help me though it and it was effortless. I read up on the internet all the supplements I should be taking and it ended up being about 10 different ones a day. Even my sleep wasn't that interrupted like it was last time.

I've thought about joining AA in my community as I think I can benefit from a sponsor, just someone to talk to about it once in a while.

Dee, I can't believe you are still here helping so many of us all the time. I think you must read every post on these forums Keep up the great work.

I read an earlier thread that asked if you tell people you quit drinking. Well I don't tell everyone, probably just the ones closest to me but if someone asks I tell them. Im not embarrassed by it and if they support me they are my friend, if not, then I don't need them.

Oh, one more thing, I have determined that once an alcoholic I can never be an occasional drinker. I did it for a few months but it caught up with me. And here I am again

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Welcome back!
I like the comment "One drink and it was GAME OVER". I'm going to remember that.
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Great spirit, HarleyDad. Keep after it.
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