Forward Four Years and still sober

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Forward Four Years and still sober

Silently trudging along and quietly passing four years with nary a thought.*I still get the odd fleeting fixation but it is a mere skeleton, a ghost of a long forgotten past.*

For those of you still working, keep going, it really does go away if you let it.*Here's to another sober year in 2017.
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Congratulations! I like that skeleton metaphor
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Very inspiring sudz. I hope I know the joy of that feeling some day. Very good my friend.
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How wonderful, Sudz. We're so proud of you.
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Congratulations, Sudz No More!

I'm thrilled for you.
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Quiet congrats ,Optival- optimistic.
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Way to go!
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Thats great Sudz - congrats

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Yup yup!
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Congrats on 4 years suds...and thank you for all your contributions here over the years!
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Awesome, Suds. Congratulations to you!
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Very inspiring, thank you and Congratulations!
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Congratulations, Sudz!
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Wonderful SNM..4 years is wonderful...Congratulations.
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Congrats, Sudz! 4 years is HUGE
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Fantastic, Sudz!!!

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Congrats on four years sober!
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Way to go!
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That is a really awesome post Sudz! Congratulations on four years!
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